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The Johansens celebrate Midsummer Eve!

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On Midsummer Eve of 1990, Moon Butterfly (wearing Swedish national costume) followed River Johansen as they attended the royal midsummer festival in the capital city of Johansen Kingdom. Hence the name, it's the biggest of all smaller festivals throughout Johansen Kingdom and is organized exclusively for the Johansen family, the advisors and their families, and the families of great and lesser houses. This year, they raised the smallest but basic maypole ever seen in the festival, which makes people unable to see the maypole from the back of dancing circle. Moon was placed onto front of dancing circle among Johansen family, and as soon as music begins to play, she expected the Johansens to try singing like the ones she heard from midsummer celebrations in Butterfly Kingdom. But then the Johansens sang in a loud and obnoxious tone that makes herself surprised. She can't even leave and was forced to hear that terrible voice all over again until the dancing was over a hour later. She was drawn crazy to point that she would never going to Johansen Kingdom's own version of midsummer celebration again, unless public speaking courses have been created to improve speech and make them equivalent to that of Butterfly people.

The first-ever post in 2020 features all six members of Johansen family from S2E15 "Game of Flags" in younger versions, and introduces the previous king and queen of Johansen Kingdom that have ruled during events of Moon Butterfly prequel series. The "maypole" in this artwork is scaled-back and excludes the northern part of it, because it creates unnecessary blank spaces to fill in when it is included and is in normal size.  
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Is that girl right next to Moon Butterfly pregnant with her child? Also, what is her name by the way?

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No, she's a overweight drunk (like a gender-swapped version of Barney Gumble) whose name is Queen Ursula.

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Oh okay! Is Queen Ursula like the Queen of the Johansan Kingdom? Or is she something else?

How did Queen Ursula get so drunk and overweight that time?

Did she have any kids as well or is she still too young to have kids?

How old is Queen Ursula in that picture?

What does Moon think when she saw Queen Ursula drunk and overweight?

Did Queen Ursula manage to work off the weight after the Midsummer's Eve festival?

Is Queen Ursula somewhat related to the Johansen family?

What is Queen Ursula's height?

If Queen Ursula is an overweight drunk, did she participate in any drinking contests that time when she was younger or during that midsummer festival?

Are you gonna do a bio or a quick picture of Queen Ursula's in the future?

Does Queen Ursula have any siblings or children as well?

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This looks amazing!

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