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The Death of Sky

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After giving birth to their second daughter Moon Butterfly, Sky was hoping to raise her daughter and continuing to rule as a queen for additional fourteen years until her daughter seizes the wand and the throne. But then her health worsened to the point that she was going to die, meaning that someone have to succeed her. Who's going to adopt her daughter? She was originally going to chose Etheria, but later discovered that her unpleasant behavior saddened Moon to point that she banned her first daughter from attending any gathering involving baby Moon (which is why Etheria never appeared here). As Comet was approaching her 14th birthday tomorrow, she chooses her instead to formally adopt Moon because Comet was a cheerful and carefree girl with a happy-go-lucky attitude that would give Moon a childhood with always happiness. Later on afternoon, Comet saw a blank paper on the table and was requested by Sky to write it by herself. After having signed and stamped on it, Sky announces that she have appointed Comet as a regent, allowing her to take control of the wand for the sole purpose of raising Moon until she comes of age, and that Estrella would assume responsibility as a queen for four years until Comet would grown mature enough to assume that. Sky later died just two days after Moon was born, and everyone in the room felt sad for her.

Sky Butterfly and the letter itself belongs to jgss0109
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Aww, sad, seems her light has gone out

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awwww poor everyone so sad

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Huh, I thought you were going to submit a new deviation with the completed image.


Good job conveying the sorrow (I hope I used the right word) in this scene, especially with Estrella.

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It's done!

You're right, she's saddened.

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