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Melchior Dahrk
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I am a modder - currently working on my Lyithdonea project for TES3:Morrowind - I primarily focus on level design but I dabble in 3D model and 2D texture creation.

I run a Tumblr blog where I post project updates more frequently under #Lyithdonea:
You can find some of the mods I have released on my Nexus profile:…?


Mamaea Awakened
By Team Flamboyant Armigers (Endoran, Lucevar, Melchior Dahrk (me), and RubberMan)

In vanilla Morrowind, Mamaea is a dull maze of caves with nothing remarkable about them aside from the spine of bone down the center of the cavern network. This mod aims to make Mamaea a more memorable visit for the player while also delving into the lore behind the settlement of Gnisis and the West Gash. The lighting has been reduced for a more atmospheric experience alongside much, much more detail. The area has also been expanded with the addition of a buried dunmer stronghold full of new puzzles for the player to solve. You can expect to find new loot, lore, and more when you explore Mamaea Awakened.


  • Details and expands the dungeon of Mamaea
  • Explores the backstory of the mysterious bone cave system
  • Adds new Sixth House themed armor, weapons, and more loot
  • Embark on a new quest to explore the mysteries of Mamaea
  • Defend the Gnisis Temple from a violent Sixth House attack
  • Adds a brand new, buried dunmer stronghold to explore
  • Unique dialogue for characters like Dagoth Araynys, Baladas Demnevanni, and Chaplain Ogrul
  • Complete puzzles and solve riddles to reach the end of the dungeon
  • Utilize a magical artifact from House Telvanni to locate Mamaea
  • 100+ new meshes available for modders

Far from the greed of Imperial conquest and the treachery of oathbreakers, Azura, Lady of the Star, bestowed her inner thoughts on Nirn.
From the flower of her mind sprang a land, The Azurian Isles.

Faleno Sorveyn, Scribe


Lyithdonea [Lee-ith-doh-nee-ah] is a new landmass which exists in the Elder Scrolls universe; it is a mod for TESIII: Morrowind. I have a full main quest and possibly some faction quests planned. The mod throws the player into a new land full of wonder and mystery while also delving into various facets of lore in the Elder Scrolls universe. And there is, of course, lots of Azura and Chimer/Dunmer focused content - but look for some Akavir, Maormer, and Argonian tie-ins as well for fans of those areas.

One of my greatest prides in this endeavor is the large amount of lore I have created for this new land, all being as sympathetic to existing lore as I can without stifling my creativity. I have written multiple mini-books on the history, factions, religion, flora, fauna of the isles; and many more are planned or in the works. That's just the books. I'm also writing a fully fledged story line with side quests. But my natural talent is with level design, so that's what all the screenshots in my gallery are for!


When the Chimer were led by the triune Good Daedra into the old land of Veloth, each Daedric Prince fostered its own group of priests and priestess. After entering Veloth, the High Velothi Culture dwindled into tribal nature, finally emerging as early versions of the modern Dunmer Houses. Among these great and minor Houses were the priestly Houses which included House Boethiah, House Mephala and, most importantly to this mod, House Azura. For many generations, the priestly Houses led the Chimer in worship of the Good Daedra. However, after the Battle of Red Mountain, when the Tribunal ascended to godhood and set aside the old traditions of ancestor and Daedra worship, the Daedric priestly Houses began to fall out of favor in the emerging Great House and Dunmer Temple culture.

House Azura, along with House Boethiah and Mephala, rejected the new Temple and their false gods and were therefore ostracized by the majority of Dunmer who bent under the new religion. House Azura in particular came under acute persecution due to the fact that Azura had spared them from the curse which had turned the skin of their kindred to ash and their eyes to fire. They remained Chimer. Azura heard the cries of her afflicted followers and legends portray her forming the Azurian Isles for their habitation. Azura gathered all of House Azura and brought them to the isles. There they have dwelt for the past 3000 years. [Azura's "creation" of the isles is possibly only folk-lore but don't bring that up with a House Azura zealot!]


The Azurian Isles is a large archipelago located off the Southeast coast of Morrowind, near the border with Black Marsh. The lush, tropical Azurian Isles region dominates the archipelago. But to the south, the murky Thousand Isles are inhabited by the separatist Ouameri tribe of Chimer. In the southeastern portion of the isles is a high peak known to the locals as Starmount which holds great significance in their religious rituals.


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