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Surprise, It's an Actual Upload!
World 1: Curious Circus
-Clockwork Mask
World 2: Candy Dreamland
-Ruby Necklace
World 3: Bubble Skyreef
-Staff of Sky
World 4: Maplemelt Land
-Maple Horn
World 5: Affluentown
-Priceless Briefcase
World 6: Treaure Trap
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Harbinger of Death Upon All Lies by ErictheLucario Harbinger of Death Upon All Lies :iconericthelucario:ErictheLucario 9 1 A Holly Jolly Soul (MrDrawingLover) by ErictheLucario A Holly Jolly Soul (MrDrawingLover) :iconericthelucario:ErictheLucario 3 5
Pokemon A and G: Part 32 - Riley's Life: Risked!
Either way, it was Flaradillo, Riley's last Pokemon. Whether she knew or not, it wasn't the ideal Pokemon to face her with. Riley clenched his fists, scared of losing this important battle. Could he risk Saburr being damaged again? He would have to. He ordered Saburr to use Crunch!
"Kala! Mon-mon!" Maskalmon screeched as it flopped on the ground, in critical condition! It restored some of its health though, both from its Aqua Ring and its Leftovers. It used Hydro Pump again, but Saburr dodged it just in time! The water jet nearly hit Riley's feet and he had to jump back to avoid it!
Saburr used Crunch one final time. It would have to be the last time, or the entire battle could be risked! Saburr looked exhausted from all of its pressure! Riley hadn't noticed it until now, but Maskalmon's thick, hard facial scales were hurting Saburr as it attacked. This was the result of its Ability, Rough Skin. How could he not have noticed!?
One more attack. Just one more. Saburr crunched down on Mas
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Pokemon A and G: Part 31 - Azure Rainfall
Maika clenched his white-gloved fist until Riley could see his arms becoming veiny. "Azura, I must request that you take this battle on yourself! I've protected you and the operation as best as I can!"
"Calm down, Maika." Azura sighed and moved her long hair out of the only eye of hers that Riley had seen as of yet. "It doesn't matter. Win or lose, we'll lose this world to our own kind. We'll be left with the burden of guilt from our greedy human species whether we complete this operation or not."
Then, she looked at Riley and how determined he was to stop her. "But you." She glared at him, her expression intensifying. "I haven't battled you yet. You've been a step behind this entire time, haven't you?" Her permanent frown morphed into a terrifyingly passionate grin. "Take me on, runt! Show me what I'm fighting for! Show me just how cruel a human can be; I don't know well enough already!"
Azura, emotionless, sent out her opening Pokemon. "Go, Syrienne," she said blankly.
"S'ren!" it sa
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Pokemon A and G: Part 30 - Team Delta's Magic!
Maika took a hand of four cards out of his chest pocket and showed them to Riley. Each had a PokeBall on it. One was a Dusk Ball, two a regular PokeBall, one an Ultra Ball. He juggled them in his hands, bending them so that they flew between both his palms like crossing an invisible bridge. He threw the Dusk Ball card into the battlefield vicinity and it started floating in the air. Maika yanked the air as if there were a rope in it and the card came back to him, but a real three-dimensional Dusk Ball had appeared where the card had been!
"Niuu! Suiun!" called a Pokemon with rabid determination! A puff of smoke that had sparkles in it that looked like stars spewed out of the Dusk Ball which had seemingly appeared from thin air!
Riley panicked; maybe he would fall for Maika's tricks! And not even in a Gym Battle, he would fall to an opponent fully capable of ending his entire journey under the influence of Team Delta!
"Too-lunb!" hissed Bluntooth as the familiar circular Pokemon emerged
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Pokemon A and G: Part 29 - Too Late to Turn Back!
Riley took on an offensive stance, clenching his fists and lowering his body, spreading his knees a bit to stabilize himself. His oral expression became a sneer. Team Delta Leader turned off the computer through which he was communicating with Azura. "Hello there, Riley. Pleasure to see you here.
"Gotten any stronger since last?" he asked. In response, Riley nodded. Maybe, but unlikely, he could could intimidate Team Delta's Leader with his strength, saving himself a fight.
"Bark-sky!" Barksky called out as it was sent out from its PokeBall. When it saw Team Delta's Leader, it growled.
"Hello, as well to you, Barksky. You ready for a battle, then?"
"Rrrrr..." Barksky growled, lowering his torso to the ground when he heard Team Delta's Leader's question.
"I feel sick having to do this... Pokemon should obey humans out of trust, not be forced to obey them with the use of force. That's why I hate shock collars and frequency-emitting training devices...
"But here I am, using one myself...
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Pokemon A and G: Part 28 - City on Fire!
He walked through the glass doors. Immediately, he noticed that this city was not doing so good at all. Pokemon of all species were rampantly causing damage. It was as if the city had been flipped on its head. Were they searching for something, the Pokemon?
He took a handful of paces forward before he was stopped by a Team Delta Grunt! "You! What are you doing here?" the Grunt, a young man with navy blue hair, which seemed to be the most popular hair colour amongst Team Delta, shouted, stopping Riley in his tracks.
Riley didn't bother giving an answer, only sent Bluntooth into battle!
"Mreow!" is roared!
"Fine, if it's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll get!" the Grunt challenged, clenching his fists and throwing a PokeBall in Riley direction!
"Fongoof!" it giggled, jumping up and down on its big, clumsy feet. It launched ts attack at Bluntooth! It used Poison Beam, launching its drippy purple beam at Bluntooth! But Bluntooth took the hit very well! It used Ice Beam as opposed to
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Me as Ike - by MrDrawingLover by ErictheLucario Me as Ike - by MrDrawingLover :iconericthelucario:ErictheLucario 3 0
Pokemon A and G: Part 27 - Obsession, Compulsion
The small white boat pulled up in the designated area, which had been marked off next to the entrance into the Ferry Terminal where the ferries entered. Sandra got out of the boat carefully and tied it to one of the posts, then tied the back end to another of the posts. Then, she knelt down and extended her hand to Riley. He grabbed it and she helped him out of the boat and onto the harbour.
Riley and Sandra walked close to each other as they stepped up the metal staircase that lead up to the main level of the ferry terminal. The bestower of the Hourglass Badge held the heavy-looking glass-and-metal door open for Riley, who walked in, smiling at her graciously. "I'll see you later, then, huh?" Sandra smiled, half-closing the doors. Riley nodded and gave her a polite wave. "Alright! Visit me in Suncoast City, and don't forget!"
The Pokemon Trainer stepped out into the surprisingly busy shoreline town, Peurt Town. A tall, beautiful young woman wearing a tuxedo and stylish dress pants, al
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Pokemon A and G: Part 26 - Battle! Ultra Pokemon 2
Riley was still underwater- he could tell because of the echoes of the movement of water pressing against the metal walls- but this area of the building wasn't submerged because of a property Riley understood but couldn't put words to. He followed the Pokemon through the door at the top of the stairs, but even though its song bounded off the walls, it was nowhere to be seen.
There were lights here, but they flickered and some even sparked when they flickered. Other than that, dim backup lights that hardly lit up anything also lined the room. Riley looked forward. There was a pitch-black silhouette of a womanly physique with long, full hair.
He approached it, and when he walked about halfway across the room, the door slammed shut. A red glow lit up the room. It also lit up the silhouette. It looked incredibly similar to the Pokemon that had guided him here, but this one had one red eye. The other side of its face wasn't covered by its hair like the other Pokemon, but where the other eye
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Pokemon A and G: Part 25 - Navigating a Black Fog
"Thank you for helping my Grimer and Muk digest the oils they're eating. But I must ask one further thing of you," Team Delta's Leader said, letting his guard down in his body language.
"Please, I know you think we're an evil organization, but you've got to give up your hatred for Team Delta for this once." The voice underneath the mask sounded desperate and needy. Riley let his guard down without noticing it.
"You have to trust me, please. Even if you never trust me again, trust me now. We mean no ill will here in Emerald Atoll. All I said earlier was the raw truth and nothing but, it was our work that saved the Pokemon in this area.
"While I wish I could do more to help, I unfortunately can't. I must stay here and make sure the rock-filters as well as the Grimer and Muk here are all doing their appropriate job. Here, take this," Team Delta's Leader said, handing Riley a really really dark blue-topped PokeBall.
"That's Ripgill, the Zipped-Up Pokemon. It knows how to use Ripgill Abyss,
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Pokemon A and G: Part 24 - Team Delta!? Again!?
That meant Riley only had one place to go. The Ferry Terminal in Vancine City. Oh, but what about Sandra? He still had that Painted Pineco for Sandra? He would have to stop by Suncoast City first, but that was fine.
He took his regular team, Corvekt, Barksky, and Bluntooth, out from the Virtual Paradise from the PC in the Maple Labs lobby room, and put the two Darwing inside. Then, he stopped at his dad's house to say goodbye again. He was going into the next subregion of Chinocko now, it could be much longer before he got to see his dad.
"Hey, son! Where are you headed to now?" his father asked, happy to see him. Riley said he was headed to Suncoast City to deliver an item to Sandra, then was going to Peurt Town. "Peurt Town, huh? How are you planning to get there?" his dad asked. By Ferry, of course.
"I'm afraid, son," Riley's dad began, sighing. "The Ferry Terminal isn't running because there's been a huge oil spill in the path it sails. It can't take you to Peurt Town."
Riley gaspe
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Pokemon A and G: Part 23 - The Venom Badge!
Riley was up as early as possible the next morning! He was so ready to find out where he would get his new gym badge! He was ready to finally move on to the next chapter of his Pokemon adventure! He started walking towards Vancine City, but to get there, he had to stop by his hometown, New Moon Town. Maybe he could ask about that Ella girl who had apparently picked up the PokeBall he had left behind. But first, he stopped at the Pokemon Centre. He retrieved Flaradillo, Barksky, Bluntooth, and Corvekt from the Virtual Paradise before heading home to see his father and his old neighbours.
The doorknob was chilly and moist from the morning dew, as was the grass that made up their small but cozy front lawn. He turned it. The house was quiet. The lights were off. His father was probably asleep. The sun wasn't even over the brick wall around the city yet.
He walked inside, his four Pokemon walking in a single-file line through the door behind him. Bluntooth sniffed around, curious. It had ne
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Pokemon A and G: Part 22 - Battle! Ultra Roarbit!
Riley ran after the Roarbit who had escaped via the path it had made by knocking over the branch. He grasped the vine on the other side and climbed up it, then jumped off on the branch that was next to its upper half. He walked carefully across the branch until he encountered another branch that had fallen. This one was hollow, and Riley crawled through it like he was going through a fun tube at a playground.
He got up on the other side and stretched his back. Riley watched the Roarbit pick up the poison-drenched body of a Treedweller Darwing. The cruel venomous Pokemon dangled the paralyzed body of the bird in its hand structure before throwing it against the ground and kicking it to the side. Riley could swear he heard Roarbit laugh.
Every footprint the Roarbit made left a black mark, like it was burning through the wood. It walked into another hollow, spinning the medallion piece around in its hand. Riley had to follow it! And so he did! But first, he stopped to check on the Treedwe
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Pokemon A and G: Part 21 - The Great Tree Scale!
"Rawb!" the Rawbbit croaked. It hopped over to Flaradillo and splashed poison in the shelled Pokemon face! It was Toxic Sludge! Flaradillo took a little bit of damage, but not much. Flaradillo fought back! It used Flame Wheel and managed a critical hit on Rawbbit, hitting it in its expanded air sac!
"Brit b-brittaw!" the Pokemon ribbitted. It hopped over to Flaradillo again with its round body and opened its mouth. An indigo aura created fangs in its toothless mouth that weren't there before! It screeched and the ethereal fangs reverberated a shock wave that was the same colour as them. Dragon Pulse! It hit Flaradillo and it fell onto its shelled back. Quickly, Riley helped it fix its posture and ordered it to use Bite!
It did, and Rawbbit fainted, but Rawbbit had Poison Touch, a condition in which it excreted poisonous matter from its body that poisoned Flaradillo when it bit it. Distressed about having no way to heal Flaradillo's condition, Riley proceeded with caution, picking Flara
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