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By ericsalvi
This is my 2nd iPod spoof relating to star wars. I had a blast doing this one and I am still very new working with vectors and this one was a learning process and I learned so many new things with iYoda.

I hope you all enjoy. I know these iPod spoofs are getting old but I'm just doing them for a learning ground.

Time: 3 hours

Tell me what you guys think.

first star wars vector ipod I did iDroid.

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This is so cool.. :D
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That's hilarious :rofl:! You could sell t-shirts with that design. I'd buy one!
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ROFL!!! Love it. Instant :+fav:.
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"Use the iPod, you must."
I like it. TFDC is ruight about the iPod nano, though.
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Thanks for the Comment. Maybe if I moved the cable infront of his arm then it might look like the iPod is going infront of him (perspectives). Or even add a yoda shadow in front of him that gets bigger towards the bottom of the image.
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LOL! I love it! Yoda.... OMG that's awesome!
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:lmao: the i pod looks cool...but i cant say the same bout the yoda looks a bit korny...
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what part.... I want to fix it. Thanks for the Ipod though, pretty easy to do.
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the yoda part...howbout the yoda is bigger than the pod...yknow like an ipod add... te person is way bigger than the pod...
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I can try, I was trying to get the iPod infront of yoda like he is lifting it up in the front. also yoda is much more smaller than a human being or wookie.

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then yous should prob go for iPod nano?
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LOL How would you make it so that it looks like yoda is behind the ipod?
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ummm...move yodas layer to top of the ipod layer??? :confused:
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LOL.. .I meant how would you make a silloutte of yoda look like it is behind (off in the distant) to the iPod? You said, "howbout the yoda is bigger than the pod"... but in real life (muppet life) yoda is pretty small, but I wanted him to be behind the iPod.
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