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The Wall

By ericsalvi
This is my very first work with Vector Gradient Mesh tool in Illustrator.

Original Photo [LINK]
Outlined Vector [LINK]

I wanted to experiment with skin using the mesh tool, and so I found this image and learned a lot from doing it. It took me about 8 hours to do, over a couple of days when I had time. All vectorized with mesh except the hair. Used a brush.

Since this is my first, if you see something that is weird or off, please let me know so I can fix it, if I know how to. I need more guidance so please tell me how to do something. I want to learn more.
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© 2006 - 2021 ericsalvi
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Great skin tones, really good job. Keep at it, I look forward to seeing your vector art in the future =)
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Amazing work, Ericsalvi. :thumbsup:
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MarkP0rter's avatar
i think looking at this in chunks is the best thing you can do. like scrolling from the bottom to the top of the picture. so her legs are great and so is a part of her bum- its so photo realistic and a beautiful shaped bum but then the part where her bum ends and the back begins/where those know the connection doesnt work too well. you can see a big difference. i think you could just fix that if you work with gradients that just go from the colour of her bum to alpha 0.
Her back is great as well but of course you know the hair could look even great but overall it’s a stunning vector work.
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Thanks Mark. Yeah when I did this it was my very first attempt at using the Gradient Mesh tool. It is difficult to do with hair so I cheated and used the path pen I believe. Yeah also if you look at her face features and her hands it is very half as.sed. Well I am glad you like it. Now if I could figure this gradient mesh tool and import stuff to flash that will be cool.... now that I am thinking about it, I have never tried. Time for some exploring.
Mzatt's avatar
GOD DAMN! thats amazing
good body, the skin looks good, beautiful & so sexy
thelonegunman's avatar
good body, the skin looks good, but that hair doesn't sit well. keep it up, i'm sure you'll only get better.
ericsalvi's avatar
Thanks, yeah the hair was pretty hard to do with gradient mesh, so I opted to go with a home made brush. The hair is deffinately not like the original, tried an artistic change. Wish there was a gradient mesh hair tutorial. Thanks though.
FlowisKing's avatar

^totally speechless.....


the thing is... i just dont have the feel on using meshtool.... dang....but you scored this BIG TIME
ericsalvi's avatar
Thanks man. I didn't at first but I got the hang of it more and more. I found a great tutorial on how to use it on the web, and just played around with it.
MisterFrosty's avatar
mindblowing. im jealous!
ericsalvi's avatar
Thank you for the comment. It means a lot. You jealous of the vector or that you think I know the model? I don't know the model. :( j/k... well I don't.
MisterFrosty's avatar
lol. I was jealous of the vector. I love realistic vector artwork. Theres not enough of us who are interested in this niche around it seems.
ericsalvi's avatar
its pretty hard and time consuming as well.
metodo's avatar
So first off I want to say, this rocks! I'm adding it to my favs.

I didn't believe it was actually vector art until I looked closely at it - and then it only looks it because real people have blemishes. This is incredible.

Anyway, I think it's perfect. However, I suppose if you want every possible problem that could be pointed out (not serious or even noteworthy, anything.)

Then I might mention that there's not quite as much contrast on the vectorized girl as there is in the photo. This is most notable on her left leg, left arm and the left side of her back (the shadows are not quite as dark as in the photo.) Also her left thumbnail seems to be less defined then it is in the photo. Her fingers also seem slightly thinner. This could be because there's slightly less contrast on her hand (the darkness between the fingers looks lighter than in the photo.) These don't really detract from the drawing. They're just cases where the two are different. And they may or may not make the final drawing look better.

However, there seems to be three different gradients missing from her face; on her chin (a small highlight), below her lips (yet another highlight) and a tiny one above her lip.

Most of these would not be noticable. It's an INCREDIBLE drawing. I wish I could say that I drew it. I only add the suggestions since you asked.
ericsalvi's avatar
Thank you very much for you comment. I appricate the findings and will try to fix them. Have you ever done anything with gradient meshes? It is difficult for me anyway because im just learning to get that perfect color, and also it wasnt the highest detail picture. Very small areas and difficult to pick up. Well thanks again. Still a learning process.
metodo's avatar
Unfortunately, I haven't used Illustrator (or Freehand) in years (like since version 5.0), so modern features like that are new to me. I've been using Inkscape and Skencil ever since I switched to Linux. Inkscape is great and up until now it's done everything I needed to do. Unfortunately, these gradient meshes look like a killer feature. It takes forever to paint a person using alpha blended gradients. I may have to cough up the $400 to get a newer version of Illustrator.

I haven't tried it but have you tried opening the photo in Photoshop and using the eyedropper then copying the color into Illustrator? On the other hand the picture's great, the colors are spot on everywhere. Just because they're not exactly the same colors doesn't mean there's a problem. An artist is allowed to improve on the photograph - which you've done quite well.
Dshark's avatar
Beautiful job... a vector gradient what-what? I gotta learn how to use it... I didnt even know it was there.
ericsalvi's avatar
Thank you very much. Do a search here for gradient mesh tutorials or even on google. It is so simple. Just a lot of patients.
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