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Parchment Paper Patterns

[ 7P 3 ]

This is my very first posted Pattern for Photoshop CS. I made them because I wanted to make some parchment paper in Photoshop and actually got these off of drawings done by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Don't let my image above fool you. I used "Paperbrushes" by chain for that crinkled and photocopied edges and also "Stain Brushes" by poison-stock112 for that stained look.

***I will :+fav: any Dev's that uses my patterns***

Parchment Paper pattern/texture was done by me. Total time: Approximately 10 mins

Best way to use them

Make a selection and then just fill with which of the 7 Parchment Patterns you'd like to use.

It is a seamless pattern so you can make any size piece of paper you want.

All I ask in return

Please credit me

Add to your favorites if you download

Comment me with your work or what you think of them
© 2006 - 2022 ericsalvi
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Very cool. This is going to be perfect for a map I am making.

Thanks great😁😍🤩

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These are awesome! Thanks for putting these out there.
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I used them to create a preview pic for this story The Three Hopes and the Three Menaces
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Looks so beautiful..Good job ericsalvi  :)
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This looks beautiful!
Thanks so much for sharing!
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awesome! thanks for sharing
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thanks ! wonderful 
Thanks for making these available x
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I downloaded it (and fav it) and I love it! I will credit you if I use it^^
Thank you!  i will credit you when i finish my work!!!!
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Excellent thank yoU!
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Thank you very much!  I used it in my latest piece :D
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so useful and quite lovely, many thanks
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Really nice and awesome :D
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