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Obey The D - Malibu Nights

By ericsalvi
To get the best out of this animation... Do not 'download to desktop'. It is meant for a 200 X 178 screen not a full page view. Just click the full view to watch.

This is a Flash animation series that I have been fooling around with for 5 years or so. I finally decided to put one of them on DA.

I hope you guys enjoy and please tell me what you think. Critique me as much as you want and if you have any questions about it, i'd be glad to answer them for you.

Tenacious D is a band that I think is great. You can find them here at

Cool Edit Pro 2.0: For all of the sound editing.
Flash: of course

Total time
: About 10 hours.
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© 2006 - 2021 ericsalvi
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LOL! When I first saw the faces it reminded me of a comic called 'Milk & Cheese'

Great lip-synching! :D
ericsalvi's avatar
Thanks. Milk and Cheese never heard of it, but these illustrations are copied from Andre the Giant. The illustrator of these I'm not sure who made them, I just took the idea to make them come to life.
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Milk and Cheese is a 'punk' oriented comic created by Evan Dorkin. Here's a link: [link] But it's just one little picture. His art progressed through the series. At one point they had those faces.

Still good work though. I got a good laugh from it. I love T. D.!
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I can see the resemblance. I was planning on doing more of these, but I didn't know how to make it different without all the songs being the same.
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Brilliant! Long live the D!
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yea he did school of riock isnt it.
I've seen something about him and his partner on mtv.
ericsalvi's avatar
yup thats them... they definitely are the greatest band on earth though.
sami-pso's avatar
Awesome job on the art! Even tho i am not a fan or w/e i knew who they were. nice.
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Thanks, have you heard of Jack Black the American Actor? Well this is his band. The rock.
AngryPotato's avatar
hahhaahaha i just showed that song to my friend the other day...awesome...i love these guys and you did a very good job on this XD
CAWalizer's avatar
Jack Black's band... awesome... X3
FlowisKing's avatar
ou yeaah..... this must take forever just to sync the sound to the lips....

maybe u should do the whole d album :rofl:
ericsalvi's avatar
I'm actually thinking about it... its not that hard... time consuming.

Also thinking of what they could be doing while singing is hard. I have a few ideas.
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