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You Can't Take The Yarn From Me


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Grey Delisle - Princess Azula


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Sen-Daughter of Roku: Ch 4

Omashu Five days, that was how long Master Sud had told us it would take to get to Omashu on foot. The first four days were painfully uneventful and thus we managed to make great time. It was early in the afternoon of the fourth day when we reached the foot of the mountains separating us from our destination. According to our map, the passing would take the better part of the day, so instead of continuing on and having to make camp on the mountain, we decided to wait until the next day. Curious about our setting, we decided to use the rest of the day exploring the surrounding terrain. What we found was absolutely amazing. About a mile from

Sen-Daughter of Roku

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Zutara Weeks

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LoK: Katara's Tombstone

LoK Tombstones

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The Blue Spirit Returns


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