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Zutara Week 2010 comentary

By ericmh126
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Mako (red) and Nukka (blue) advertising Zutara Week 2010 for me. Mako seems to have inhertited his father's (and uncle's for that matter) cynicism while Nukka has her mother's optimism.

Me: And for the record Mako, I really wanted you in more of these.
Mako: Whatever, you didn't even re-draw us, you just added our text and Nukka's necklace to this using MS Paint.
Me: I actually did re-draw you two, I just didn't like how it came out, this seemed better, and it still works.
Nukka: Yeah, so give him a break.
Mako: Fine, I'm gonna go train with Aunt Suki's katana now. Let me know when you get around to actually typing up your stories.
Me: If it makes you feel any better, you can be in Day 6: AU.
Mako: Hoo-ray, a guilt role, I can barely contain my excitement.
Me: It's not a guilt role, I want you in this.
Mako: Just do your work, Eric.

So yeah, any coments you have on the actual sketch would be better off on the original submission. (see link Mako mentioned)

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Mako and Nukka are my brain-children.
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bahaha epicness
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glad you approve, and thanks for the :+fav: