ZW '10 Day 4: Date

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Zutara Week 2010 Day 4: Date

The Fire Lord and his young son were taking a walk around the palace courtyard, talking about whatever came to their minds. Ahead of them, young Jun and her mother crossed the yard.

"Hey Dad," Mako said, eyes fixed on the girl. "What was your first date with Mom like?"

Zuko smiled down at the young prince, he reminded the Fire Lord of himself at that age. "Well son," he sat down on the edge of the pond and gestured for Mako to do the same, "let me see if I can remember.

"Your mother and I had run into each other several times before this, nothing real significant happening between us. Then one day, Uncle lost his Lotus Tile. Of course he had the ship make port so he could find a replacement. While aboard a merchant ship we over heard pirates talking about a young waterbender who had stolen a scroll from them," Mako's eyes lit up at the idea that his mother once stole from pirates.

"She'll have to tell you that story some other time," Zuko took note at his son's excitement, and then continued his story. "I knew that they were going after her, so I decided to follow them.

"That night the pirates discovered your mother on the river practicing the waterbending from the scrolls. They ambushed her, and by the time I had caught up she had escaped the first two with several more about to take her. That is when I made my move, I got in front of her, grabbed her hands, and said the first thing that came to my mind. 'I'll save you from the pirates,' I said."

"Really?" Mako shook his head in disbelief. "That's very cheesy, Dad." Then his tone changed, "So did it work?"

"To an extent you might say it worked," he answered. "Within moments I had her, erm, captivated. We talked some, I tried to smile a lot, I even offered her jewelry and shared with her my short term goals. It was interesting to say the least, she eventually told me that I should go jump in the river, finally she flat out bailed on me. The funny thing about all this was that Uncle never actually lost his Lotus Tile, it had gotten caught in his sleeve and was there the whole time."

Zuko chuckled to himself, a stark contrast to his original reaction that day. Looking back down at Mako he realized that wasn't exactly the ending he had been hoping for. Zuko brought his arm around his son's shoulder to reassure him. "Don't worry," he told his son. "Things ended up for the better didn't they?" Mako nodded. "I promise you, keep an open mind, and an open heart, and everything will work out for you too."
#Zutara-Week 2010 Day 4: Date

Mako: I withdraw my comment about not wanting to be in this prompt, you did good. But just for the record, this is a guilt role, isn't it?
Me: Sort of, I focused on including you while brainstorming ideas for it.
Mako: Well... Thanks.
Me: You're welcome.
(confused? see this)

:llama: to anyone who properly guesses who is Jun's mother, and please don't guess Jun the bounty hunter, it's a Fire Noble. I intended Mako and Jun to be the ages their parents were in the "Zuko Alone" flashbacks.

My reasoning for this story as Zuko and Katara's first date is that it seems this episode, "The Waterbending Scroll" if you don't recognize it, seems to be the episode that started the Zutara ship, therefore their first date. (There's actually a stamp or other deviation that inspired this but I can't seem to find it, it says "you had me at 'I'll save you from the pirates'" If you know the one, feel free to link it.) [Edit] I found it, it was a piece done by *Irrel and I guess it was a shirt she made over 2 years ago. Anyway, their 'first date' was inspired by this.

I actually think that Zuko and Katara would be more honest about their past than this, but hey, I can make them do what ever I want.

As always, comment and criticize, it's the only way I'll improve as a writer.

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Mako is my brain-child, so just ask if you want to borrow him.
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Jun's mother is Mai isn't she? Either her or Ty Lee, but I don't see Ty Lee walking anywhere, even after having kids. Jumping, sliding, skipping, dancing, yes walking no. So Mai is the mother.

I love how Zuko bent the truth... At least he didn't give it a tacked on happy ending as he fudged it up. hehehehe! This is too funny! I love it!

By-the-way when you said 'Uncle lost his Lotus Tile' I started cracking up cause I knew we were headed for pirates and a tree. *ahem* Excuse me, to Katara becoming captivated. :giggle:

This was a great story!
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she absolutely is, it's actually a really bad play on words, Mai, Jun... May, June...

glad you got so much enjoyment from it
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hehehehe! I'm glad I got it right. =D Thanks for the llama.

You're welcome!
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Lol, Zuko is such a parent. There are just somethings you don't want to tell your kids--"I tied your mother to a tree for our first date, stole her necklace, and threw a pai sho tile at a pirate."

"Thanks, Dad, that's great advice. Now where would I find a pirate?"

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Agreed. Although, I've had an idea for a 2nd Gen fic series, and if I ever get around to writing it, they just might run into some pirates.
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maggie230173Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how Zuko bent the details. :XD: I half expected Katara to show up behind them saying, "Thats not quite how I remember it." :XD:
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I had thought about that, but the way I had started it was supposed to be a father-son moment, so having Katara show up out of no where seemed out of place. But I'm sure when Mako askes her how she remembers it she'll say something like "Is that what he told you happened?"
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maggie230173Hobbyist Digital Artist
:nod: I can see it now! LAWLS!
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