ZW '10 Day 2: Change

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Zutara Week 2010 Day 2: Change

"Absolutely not"

"Unheard of."

"Gentlemen, hear me out," Zuko rebutted, but he was again interrupted.

"Sire, what you are suggesting, it goes against one of the deepest rooted traditions of our culture. Some of our people still think you are unfit to rule, and just this idea could cause more to rebel."

"What I am suggesting," he argued, careful to keep his voice even, "will show the world that we are serious to our commitments, it will show that we have changed. We will have even stronger ties with the Water Tribes, ties of such importance I shouldn't need to remind you."

"But my Lord, Fire Nation royalty is meant to be just that, Fire Nation. Marrying this Water Tribe girl will tarnish the blood line, cast doubts about succession, and even could give the other nations claim to our throne."

"Tarnish the blood line?" Zuko clarified, "Do you not remember that my Mother was a direct descendant of Avatar Roku? That he…"

"Yes, but Roku was still Fire Nation by blood and by birth."

"Okay then. What about succession?" The Fire Lord addressed their other concern, "Katara understands that she would be unable to ascend to the throne if I'm without an heir and would formally relinquish those rights from her title when it is bestowed on her. As for any children we might have, only the ones who inherit my bending will be eligible for the throne, the same as it always has been."

He had them at speechless at that moment, so Zuko returned to the head of the conference table, satisfied for now. He knew that they would have more arguments, and he would address each in turn, but the way it stood now, he would marry Katara by the end of the summer, he would finally have his Fire Lady.
Day 2: Change, not my favorite but it's up and I'm content.

Here we have Zuko trying to convince his council, military officials, ministers, policy makers, sages, etc. whoever has the final say in who he can marry, that marrying Katara is in the best interest for the Fire Nation. He's already convinced her and her family, that was the easy part, but these old guys can kinda be stubborn, resisiting change.

I had two other ideas for this prompt as well: the first being a more, ahem, adult scenario where Katara would "change into something more comfortable." The second involved Zuko having to change one of his babies's diapers. Why didn't I choose one of them, well I didn't think I could do the former and have it tasteful, and both Mako and Nukka refused to let me do the latter.

Anyway, please comment, I thrive on constructive criticism.

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ooh, nice idea
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weatherstainedStudent Digital Artist
Very well written. Its very strong and Zuko sounds wiser and confident with his choice. I am hope to see more!