ZW '10 Day 1: Family

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Zutara Week 2010 Day 1: Family

Nukka was sitting alone on the beach, looking off towards the horizon and the rising moon. The setting sun behind her painted the sky in shades of purple and pink, making the nearly full moon stand out even more. Breaking waves made their way up the shore and lapped at her toes. She let her mind wander as she continued staring off into space, occasionally bending the water around and over her feet. This was her favorite time of day.

"It really is beautiful," Nukka looked up to see her mother standing above her. "People in the Fire Nation don't seem to appreciate a good moon-rise." She sat down beside her daughter.

"Dad does," Nukka replied, her eyes still fixed on the moon.

"Well that's because I've worn off on the Fire Lord," Katara answered with a smirk.

"You're probably right," Nukka snickered back.

"The pair sat in silence for another moment before Katara spoke again.

"I have something I want to give you," she said, "an early birthday present, something you can show off at your party tomorrow."

"What?" Nukka's gaze was torn away from the moon, her eyes lit up with excitement.

"This," Katara reached behind her neck, untying her silk necklace and placing it in her daughter's hands. "Gran Pakku made this for Gran Gran, and she then gave it to my mother when she married my father. I've had it since the day she died, and now, I want you to have it." She took it back and tied it around her daughter's neck, trying to hold back her tears.

"Mom, I … I don't know what to say," Nukka pressed the pendant against her neck with two fingers. "Thank you so very much. I know how much this means to you. I'm going inside to see how it looks."

"Go ahead, I'll be there in a minute."

Nukka took off towards the house but stopped half way up to turn around one more time. Her mother was still sitting on the sand, looking up towards the newly appearing stars, but she was no longer alone. In the dimness of the twilight Nukka saw someone kneeling besides her mother, hands resting on her shoulders as if comforting her. The glowing woman saw Nukka watching her and just smiled as she started to fade away.

"Grandma Kya?" Nukka whispered.
Zutara Week 2010 has officially started, and so I proudly present Day 1: Family. This one's short and sweet.

And now it's time for some Author's notes:
- This is back on Ember Island on the night before Nukka's 16th birthday, and the night before the Winter Solstice, hence why Nukka can see Kya's spirit. *Do regular people become spirits like that? The only people we saw in the spirit world were past Avatars and Yue, who would technically be a nature spirit now so she doesn't really count. Whatever, I'm sticking with it.
- Yes, Katara called Pakku "Gran Pakku," that is how Nukka knew him. Thanks a lot Sokka.

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Nukka is my brain-child
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That is adorable! I love Kya coming back to visit her daughter and granddaughter
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aww Im almost tearbending! very cute!
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that was nice
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Aw, I thought this was very sweet and touching. A really good take on the theme! :) Happy Zutara Week! :high five: