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The Blue Spirit Returns

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Really rough comic of a dream I had. I've been really looking forward to getting my copy of "Zuko's Story" so I blame that. Will be moved to scraps eventually. Please comment, constructive criticism is always welcome.

I am working on the written version and I'll put it up here when I'm done. That version will continue past the last panel.

Text says:
8th panel: "Dad?"
note beneath: Blue Spirit Mask
Last panel: "Looks like you've had a busy night, Mako."
Notes: Zuko's son Mako, about 13-15 years old, becomes the new Blue Spirit and Zuko finds out.
Mako is named in honor of Iroh's late voice actor, no offense meant towards Greg Baldwin.
Avatar is (C) Viacom

BtW, this is the same Mako that appears in my ZW09: Jealousy and Fireflies entries, just older.

[Edit] Nukka (again see Jealousy and Fireflies) may get something similar as the Painted Lady, she's starting to bug me for one too bugged me enough to get her own version in The Painted Lady Returns.

Even though I have it in the picture, I'll say it again:
Avatar is (C) Viacom
Mako [and his younger sister Nukka] are my brain-children, but I'll share them with you if you ask
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