Sen-Daughter of Roku: Prologue

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My mother always told me it was important to remember who I was. As a child I never fully understood what she meant when she said that. I thought she was worried that I would wake up one morning unable to remember my name or something like that. It has taken most of my life to realize why she wanted me to remember, because if I didn't, no one else would. That is why, tonight, I am taking record of my life, so once I am gone others may be able to look back over my experiences, learn from them, and hopefully avoid my mistakes.

Who am I then? Most called me Sen, and though few knew it, I was the daughter of Ta Min and Avatar Roku. This is my story.

- - - - -

"Where did you find this?" Zuko asked.

"Wan Shi Tong's Spirit Library," Katara answered. "Sokka, um, borrowed it earlier this spring, about the time we learned about the eclipse. When you told me that Roku was your mother's grandfather, I remembered reading this. I thought it might have clues as to what happened to your mother." She watched him reread the first section.

"I doubt it," he sighed. "My grandmother died the night before my parents' wedding, several years before I was even born." His face was sunken as he handed the scroll back to Katara.

"It couldn't hurt to try." She put her hands around his and pushed the scroll back towards him. Zuko's gaze drifted from their hands up to her face. In her eyes he saw the gratitude she had for what he had done for her the day prior, and the desire to return the favor. He had seen a similar compassion when they were imprisoned together under Ba Sing Se.

"No, I guess it couldn't." They both smiled as he reopened the scroll and began reading aloud.
What's up dA folks? I'm back with an OC fic. You might have seen the sketch I did of Rokia, or not, but this is the story in which she'll appear.

Basic premise here is to link Zuko's mother, Princess Ursa, back to her grandfather, Avatar Roku. The first portion, in italics, is the from the scroll they are reading, the rest is my way of connecting this story to canon, and is set inbetween the events of 'The Souther Raiders' and 'Sozin's Comet: Part 1."

For the record, this is the extent of Zutara in this story, they aren't even mentioned again until the epilogue, so if you ship Kataang or Maiko, or just plain hate Zutara, I hope you can look past this one part and enjoy the actual story. If not, I am sorry something so trivial has discouraged you from enjoying my work.

I am also posting this on my FFN account FLZ, so if you're over there too, you can check it out. I'll be posting here one chapter behind what I have up over there. That is to say the next chapter is already up if you want to continue reading. On second though, I'm uploading them at the same time.

Ch 1: Childhood
Ch 2: Banishment
Ch 3: Starting Over
Ch 4: Omashu
Ch 5: Destiny

Avatar is (C) Viacom, Sen is my creation
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I love this! thanks for writing it! As a fellow writer, this inspires me more than words can ever tell, especially because to write something this good you have to look deep within to find it.
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I'm glad you liked it. I've got more coming if I can ever re-find the ispriation and motivation to finish.
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Awesome/Epic! Btw, if you ever want to rewatch the entire Avatar series and don't have it on dvd, go to www.anilinkz.com, click cartoons and click avatar. Then go to the third page which has the first ep of season 1 and there ya go! Spread the word if u wish, for all who have heard the call must know that it still does so they may answer it again! XD
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I've got the dvds but thanks.
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ok :) *disguises himself as a little red kitty and sneakver to youhouse to watch them with you* XD