Sen-Daughter of Roku: Ch 1

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I was born in the Fire Nation royal palace as summer was coming to a close, but I guess my story actually starts six months prior, the night my father died. I cannot be sure what truly happened that night so I will recount the story I grew up on, told to me by my father's old friend, Fire Lord Sozin.

The eruption started in the dead of night while all the people of my village were asleep. Everyone, including my parents, fled to the coast in hopes of making it safely out to sea, but then my parents were separated, my father staying back to fight the volcano, buying everyone precious time, while my mother continued to the boats. One hundred miles away, at the palace, Fire Lord Sozin could feel the tremors and see the black smoke billowing from our island, he described it as the worst catastrophe he had ever seen. By the time he made it to the island, my father had been able to overcome the primary eruption, just before the secondary eruption began. Together they fought to quell the volcano's fury, but it proved to be too much, even for them. One tremor nearly knocked the Fire Lord off the rim of the volcano, if it hadn't been for my father earthbending a second ledge out under him, Sozin believes he would have fallen to his death. Knowing theirs to be a losing fight, and that the village had been completely evacuated, they too made their way out to the beach where they could escape on the Fire Lord's dragon. Running down the slope, my father was engulfed and overwhelmed by a plume of the poisonous volcanic gas. Sozin tried to help him, offering to carry my father on his back, but he refused.

"I'd only slow you down. Save yourself and take care of Ta Min for me. I'll make sure you can get away." These were his last words before airbending the Fire Lord down the slope a safe distance. The pyroclastic flow soon enveloped my father, burying him alive.

So Fire Lord Sozin kept his promise to my father and my mother moved into the palace, soon I was born, and I wasn't alone. At the start of that summer the Fire Lady gave birth to her first child, a daughter her father named Rokia, in honor of his passed friend, though in later years he would simply shorten it to Kia. Mother decided to return the gesture and named me Sen. The princess and I grew up together as if we were sisters, practically inseparable, it was a rare occurrence to find one of us without the other nearby. There were the exceptions though, her firebending classes and my trips with Mother for example. Rokia was a prodigy firebender and her father insisted that her training be strictly private. Outside of practice though, she refused to use her talent, she thought of her bending as a curse and often wished she had been born without it, like me. I never told her, but I secretly wished I were born a bender like her, like my father.

We grew up like any other girls, playing dress up, cart-wheeling across the lawns, staying up late giggling about boys and the littlest things, and exploring the extent of her royal privileges. There were other girls, the daughters of Noblemen and women, most we met at the Royal Academy, but none ever stood out as true friends. There were also the boys, many the sons of the same Nobles, all hoping to gain favor with the Fire Lord and the Princess as potential suitors. Rokia despised all of them for this, she hated the idea of being told who she would marry, so she would mess with them, scaring them off before they got to comfortable in the palace. I always enjoyed watching her schemes unfold. Even as adults we reminisced over our favorite plot, the time she dressed me up as her so we could switch back and forth, the poor boy was clueless.

Mother was constantly traveling to the Air Temples throughout my childhood, and often she brought me along with her. Almost all the trips she took me on were to the Western Air Temple, such a beautiful place, where the temple towers hung upside down from the cliff overhang. I would get to play with the young nun girls while my mother met with the elder nuns. I wish I could say I became great friends with some of the girls my age, but sadly I did not. My most vivid memories of the temple, aside from first seeing it, were learning how to play Pai Sho on their giant table and the time I discovered the all day echo chamber. Twice we visited the Eastern Air Temple and I met with the girls who lived there as well, they were always social and easily accepted me, a complete stranger, into their play groups. Our last trip though is the one I will remember best. It was our, well my, only journey to the Southern Air Temple.

Unlike the Western and Eastern Temples I had visited in the past, cared for exclusively by nuns, the Southern Temple was home to the monks and male students. It was here that my mother introduced me to one monk, his name I've long forgotten, an old friend of my father's, with whom he trained in the ways of airbending. He spoke fondly of my father, bragging that the two of them were the best airbenders of their time, him then my father.

While he was reminiscing we were interrupted by a young monk, the elder's pupil. He introduced his student, the goofy kid, no more than a few months older than myself, was the youngest airbender in history to earn his tattoos. He proudly showed off his still incomplete body art, jumping a top a small ball of air and spinning around to do so. When the elder mentioned that I was from the Fire Nation, the boy lit up. He started talking about his friend Kuzon and all the stuff they would do together, and then asked me if I knew Kuzon as well. I could see the disappointment in his eyes when I told him that I didn't, but he quickly rebounded, suggesting that someday the three of us could get together and play hide-n-explode. I wish I could say we did, but I would be lying.

Upon our arrival back in the capital, we were greeted with big news from the Fire Lady herself. Rokia's mother was pregnant with her second child and soon my friend would be a big sister. Over the next eight months we became obsessed with babies, we'd plan how we would raise her baby sister, all the stuff we could teach her, never once considering the possibility that the baby might be a boy. We also play pretended we were adults raising our imagined daughters, 'Princess Ursa' and my daughter 'Kuma,' and what it would be like having them grow up together as best friends just like their 'mothers.' We helped prepare the palace for the baby's arrival, even aiding in the refurbishing of Rokia's old bedroom, as best as two twelve year old girls could at least.

The time was drawing near for the Fire Lady to give birth when the comet came. Rokia told me she could feel the power of the comet flowing through her, saying she felt as if it had unlocked an energy hidden deep within her body, and that this new found power scared her. She wasn't the only one to feel this either, firebenders everywhere described how their bending was enhanced beyond master levels. The comet must have also affected the baby because as it arrived the Fire Lady went into labor, delivering a son while the comet was at its highest point in the sky. The sages announced Prince Azulon's birth to the nation, proclaiming the comet as a good omen for the newborn.

Weeks later we learned that the war started that same day as well. We attended award ceremonies and parades celebrating Fire Lord Sozin and his generals' various victories over the Air Nation Armies. One particular ceremony re-named the comet 'Sozin's Comet' in the Fire Lord's honor, he was viewed as a hero, the one who would take our nation and its prosperity and expand it to become the most successful empire in history. I never felt right about any of it, but I knew what would happen to me if I opposed the Fire Lord, so I kept quiet and life went on.
Hey, here's the first chapter of "Sen: Daughter of Roku" from my FFN account FLZ. Hope you enjoy.

For the record:
:bulletred: Sozin's story of how Roku died is not intended to match what we saw in the show, this is what he told Sen
:bulletred: there is no mention of Azulon having a sister in canon, she is my creation for the purpose of giving Sen a childhood friend
:bulletred: Azulon was in fact born the same year the comet came, but I took the liberty of having him born the day it came.

:pointl: Prologue || Foward to Ch 2 :pointr:

The Avatar universe, including all canon characters and locations, are (C) Viacom. Sen and Rokia are my creations.
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how do you type stories like this and send them to groups like is it a journal entry or something because I want to write something but i have no idea how. could you help me please!
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I'm not sure I completely understand the question, but I'll try to answer what I can.
To send it to a group you just click on the 'Submit to Group' button when you are posting it, then choose the group you want to send it to.
As for the other part of your question, I think you are asking about the style I'm using. Well I've had this idea stuck in my head since several months after the A:tLA finale over 2 years ago. One of the hardest choices I made was choosing the voice I was going to use.
At first I wanted it to be a collection of daily journal/diary entries, but I quickly realized that it would take too long to tell the story I wanted and end up being just a lot of filler stories.
Then I thought I would use a 3rd person narrative voice like I've used in almost all my other writtings, but again, I didn't like aspects of it.
I finally chose the 1st person narrative, trying for an autobiography feel.

I hope this answered your questions. As for writting something, if you ever want to bounce ideas off me, feel free to PM me and I'll try to help
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Yeah you answered my question thanks!