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Rokia sketch

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Seems kinda random, but I'm about half way finished with this fic I'm writing writting an OC fic and I found myself sketching one of the supporting characters. Here's her spoiler-free summary:

Name: Rokia
Age: Late 20's to early 30's (my intentions at least)
Basic Bio: She has been the main character's best friend since they were little girls. Burns caused by an encounter with a certian canon baddie (arguably the baddest person in the entire Avatar universe)
More details will be released when I post the fic, but for now feel free to speculate.

The description I was trying to capture was this from the fic:
Burn marks covered her hands snaking their way up her arms, covering both of her breasts, her shoulders, and much of her back, reaching up her neck to the right side of face, stopping below her eye while covering her ear.
I wanted to draw more, but I can never make bodies look right.

Please comment, constructive critism is always welcome.

[Edit] I'm going to be posting the story she appears in here on dA too, here's a link to it: Sen-Daughter of Roku

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Rokia belongs to me but I'll share her with you if you ask.
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Impressive. This is exactly how I pictured her. Good work on both the picture and the story! :)