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My Study Habits, XKCD style

By ericmh126
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Just a graphical representation of a solo study session I had this week, time represented is just shy of 2 hours.

I though it was funny, sort of XKCD funny if you like that, so I thought I'd share with the good people of the internet. It may stay up, I may take it down, or just move to scraps. I don't know.

Comment or don't, I really don't care.

P.S. I just realized it might be hard to read my hand writting. The comments above the graph line read:
"gather stuff, start studying, homework problems 1 to x, continue studying, more stu... DISTRACTION, graphing my study habits"
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That sorta reminds me of a project me and a friend had to work together on for school. She came over my house and we had four hours to work on it. We allocated 3 hours to working on it, 1 hour playing on the Megadrive. What we ended up with was 1 1/2 hours work, 2 1/2 hours Megadrive XDD
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Ha-ha! That's funny. It's also something I can definitely relate to. =P

-- Mitch
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That's just great.
For me it's about 5 minutes. Just sayin'.