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Mako and Nukka: Zutara Spawn

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In honor of Zutara Week '10, just 2 weeks away, I introduce Mako and Nukka, from Jealousy, Fireflies, BSR, PLR, Family, and Date. I had intended on including Zuko and Katara in the back (a la the portrait from 'The Beach'), but decided it would look better without them. *translation: I'm lazy*

Age wise, Mako is almost 15 while Nukka recently turned 13. Nukka's braids are homage to the early concept sketches of Katara's hair loopies, before they pulled them back, and both outfits were styled after their parents' outfits from the second half of season 3.

Mako has the lighter skin tone but is not as pale as Zuko with hair a shade darker than Katara's, amber eyes, and firebending. Nukka is darker toned but lighter than Katara with hair slightly lighter than Zuko's, blue eyes, and waterbending. I haven't yet decided on individual personalities but I imagine any hybridization I chose would be fairly predictable.

Both are talented benders but are capable warriors as well. Mako is an excellent swordsman, skilled with a straight sword like his uncle Sokka, his father's dual dao swords, the katana like his aunt Suki, and many knives, but his weapon of choice is the katana. Nukka is formidable with her uncle's boomerang as well as other throwing weapons like shuriken knives she's made from shark teeth.

Also, due to cultural politics, Nukka is the princess by title only, only her brother has claim to the throne. Sorry Nukka.

Like my others, just a rough sketch, constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Colored version here

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Mako and Nukka are my brain-children, but I'll share if you ask.
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Ooh ZuTara spawn! I like it! They look just like their parents!