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From Scotland: BLAZON

By EricLinquist
Gavin Lamont, born in Sterling, is Blazon, the descendant of a significant Scottish Warrior clan obscured from history whose armor always bears the current royal coat of arms in the center of his chestplate. By simply applying a touch-pressure on it, the crest confers formidable enchanted powers to Gavin, based on images that are depicted on it.

He can draw upon the amplified strength, claws and ferocity of the lion image, for instance, or the light and healing of the unicorn image, or the heightened impenetrability of a shield of the gods, or the intensified musky, female-charming pheremones of the ermine, or the augmented thorniness of the depicted thistle, etc. Blazon also is mystically bonded to two ebony Claymore swords charged with sorcerous energies. Typically a two-handed sword, Gavin is able to wield one in each hand as if they were yardsticks. In the absence of his handling, they seem to adopt the weight of a normal sword. Only when another being tries to touch the swords do they magically adopt a weight of countless tons, making them virtually impossible for anyone to pick up but Gavin.
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You may take his life, but you'll never take HIS FREEDOM!!!
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Thanks, Dragon! :highfive:
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kickass my friend!:clap:
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Thanks, big guy! Glad ya like him! =D
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OOOH My!!! Gonna definately keep an eye on this guy. (since I am scottish....Hee hee) Great work!!!
Love the powers you gave him! Perfect!
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Aye, Lassie! He'll brook no foolishness for long, or he'll be upon ye like a radge, and be chuffed about it later! Slange!
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