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Tutorial-Comic Style Painting

By erickenji
Draw by :iconedbenes:
Colors by ME

Software: Photoshop CS3
Duração: 10min
Resolução: 800x600
Tamanho: 35mb

Youtube (Low Quality): [link]
© 2008 - 2021 erickenji
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Great! good job!
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pena q o video ano é wide
wilsonjose's avatar
o tuto mais conhecido de comic_book é brasileiro, brincadeira!!
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ACHEI! LADO DIREITO DA PAGINA ------------------------->
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cadê o tutorial para baixar? só vejo link do yutube
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where is the tutorial for download?
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where is the tutorial for download??
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Thanks for sharing it.
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thanks , excellent!.
nice job and helpful tuto thanks !
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Thank you, erickenji! This helped me a lot to improve my understanding in digital coloring.
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Good stuff, thanks for posting! :D
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one of the best tut thanks so much
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Good stuff! Thanks!
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Thank you! Very helpful
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dose it work for windows 7
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Awesome tutorial! Really halpfull, I'd never tought about using lasso tool for shading and lightning! Thank you for sharing =D
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Thank you for the tutorial video.
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Great Tutorial. It ran a little fast so I will have to watch it a few times with my finger on the pause button but I just loved watching it.
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Wow, this is amazing! Really great work here!
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excellent! Thank you for the tutorial!
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