The march for MJ's 10,000th

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Well, my overall page views counter hit and went past the 20,000th view so thanks to everyone checking my artwork, much appreciated (41 views yesterday alone, that might be a record) BUT it seems mr/mrs 20,000 didnt take a snapshot to mark the occasion, so I will try this again, only this time with what is my most viewed piece this Mary Jane from 2005!

So, this time i'm changing it up, anyone who can take a snapshot of them being the 10,000th view for that piece (right now the counter is at 9,100+ ) will win AN ORIGINAL MJ drawing, on 11x17 bristol. All you have to do is pay shipping, that's it! (must have a paypal account)

Thanks and keep watching!

UPDATE!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!
You can check out a preview sketch of the pinup the winner will receive
MJ 10,000th reward preview by ErickCruz
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Right now we're at 9700+ views and i have added a preview of the sketch the winner of the contest will receive.…