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Black Cat as Venom 2

A female version of Venom, per request by DA member Faltain.

Instead of just drawing a sexy body in the Venom suit i decided to put an existing Spider-Man supporting character, and since Felicia Hardy and Spidey have a complicated relationship i said, why not her? anyway here's the result, well, actually one of the results, I did another version.

Hope everyone likes it
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Peter is double f*cked now.
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thinking of venom and felicia makes me... XD
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Officially the best picture of all time!
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Cool twist and like you say well done on the idea for Black Cat, hell you'd be the first one I've seen do something cool like that.

Excellent linearting though, you must be a true pro to manage such perfection in your work, well done ErickCruz.

i like the idea of the symbiote taking new victims....great one though the white part on her arms and legs could look more like weapons
Thats good, I like how you did her...and I like that you did this....your cool....Reunion.
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thnx guys

this one seems to be the most popular version.
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Me gusta mas esta versión que la otra... me acordé de una miniserie en los anuales de spiderman de hace como 12 años :P donde había una invasión de simbiotes.
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Kick ass! :)

I didn't even think about how the alien might try to emulate those "fluffy" aspects of the cats old costume... cool touch indeed. :D
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cool. this one I think works better. =D
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