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Dont want to get too personal (stuff on the net can come back and haunt you :X ) but basically i'm a self taught artist, been drawing since i was like 5 or so.

My parents got me a how to draw book featuring Woody Woodpecker and some other cartoon characters; y'know how you're supposed to build up your drawings by first doing the stick figure, then adding the circles and cubes, cylinders, etc to get the shape of the thing you're drawing? yeah well i cheated and traced the finished drawings, HA! Only years later (like 10 years later) when I discovered the How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way book that i realized "$#%* I do have to draw the stick figures... and cubes... and cylinders".

At school I was always one of the go to kids for any particular drawing assignment (fellow deviant Emanuel "emrock77" Macias can back me up on this, he's a long time friend of mine and was also one of the "go to" kids, check him out )
that's probably the only thing i was known for at school and the only time i would be popular, heh.

As a kid i wanted to be many things, when Top Gun and Iron Eagle were popular I wanted to be a fighter pilot, when i realized that wasnt gonna happen I wanted to become an animator seeing as how I liked to draw but never in my aspirations did i think of wanting to be a comic book artist, that is until one day it just hit me and i said to myself "I want to do a Spider-Man vs Batman comic" problem was i didn't know where to get comics! luckily i remembered that a nearby school supply store had a magazine rack and lo and behold they had Spidey and Batman comics! so i finally had my research material and that began my quest to get into this damn field of comic books.

I've literally spent over 2/3 of my life reading comics but i didn't consider wanting to get into comics until i was in my mid teens, meeting other like minded friends that sparked my imagination and creativity.

And here I am, still trying, honing my skills till one day, i'd like to attend a comic convention and be on the other side of the table.


Current Residence: Tijuana, Mexico
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Favourite cartoon character: Batman…

Favourite Visual Artist
Jim Lee; Marc Silvestri; Stephen Platt; Dale Keown; Frank Cho; Steve McNiven; Adam Hughes; many more
Favourite Movies
Scarface; all Star Wars movies; many others
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Games
Madden NFL Football
Favourite Gaming Platform
Sony Playstation
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So, the Mary Jane 10,000 views contest is over and no one snapped a screen cap of them being the one. So on to the next one. The next piece that is coming up on a milestone is the Black Cat as Venom piece Currently at 7000+ views so this one is still a few months away so i will announce a prize when it hits 9000 views I appreciate all the visitors and people liking my work. Thank you. Merry Christmas!
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Well, my overall page views counter hit and went past the 20,000th view so thanks to everyone checking my artwork, much appreciated (41 views yesterday alone, that might be a record) BUT it seems mr/mrs 20,000 didnt take a snapshot to mark the occasion, so I will try this again, only this time with what is my most viewed piece this Mary Jane from 2005! So, this time i'm changing it up, anyone who can take a snapshot of them being the 10,000th view for that piece (right now the counter is at 9,100+ ) will win AN ORIGINAL MJ drawing, on 11x17 bristol. All you have to do is pay shipping, that's it! (must have a paypal account) Thanks and keep
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Hey everyone! Just want to say thanks to everyone checking out my profile lately (dont know where this surge is coming from but dont stop!) Anyway, as a neat "Thank You" i want to propose this: whoever can capture with a screen cap them being the 20,000th view and send it to me (my email is listed bellow), they get to choose the theme or subject for a sketch + they'll get a hi-res scanned version emailed to them + an additional digital sketch (of my choosing) as a thank you. We might even work out a deal where i can ship you the originals! Like splitting shipping cost or something like that. Anyway, thanks again and please dont be shy and
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