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Thunder God

Here is another mash up this time it's of Thor and Shazam/Captain Marvel !! Let me know what you guys think!! This is definitely the last of the mash ups I'll do for a while although I have a ton more sketched out I have over stuff that I need to work on!!

Also please do not post character Ideas in the comments!! I already have a list of characters that I'm working off of and I don't want to look like I stole or borrowed anybody's ideas, Thanks!!

*Thor is property of Marvel Comics

**Shazam/Captain Marvel is Property of DC Comics
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Love this fusion idea! He looks awesome!

Maybe possible origin?

Thor was an aggressive Norse god that caused issues until he was killed when trying to save Odin from an unknown force (Dark Skull) and soon he was reincarnated as a young boy named Donald Batson who is a young boy who loves Norse Mythology. Many years of looking up on heroes in one school trip he came across a cave and the mysterious wizard gave Donald his powers of Shazam and not only that his hammer Mjonir appeared creating a whole new being as he is now The Thunder God!

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Shazam (Justice League Unlimited) + Thor (Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes) are the best superhero cartoons

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Now you need Raiden's hat
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Shazor! Got em!
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I hate thor but i like the lightning effect its like raiden from mortal kombat wich raiden had a big hammer in mk4 and gold I remember 
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"Marvel is Property of DC Comics" cannot be unread!!!!!
epic and perfect!!!
his strength would be astounding!!
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I wish marvel and dc would make fusion on all heroes and villains.
They did. It's called the amalgam comics
This one looks awesome!
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I died. This art is shocking!
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I am thinking, would he have to say his name to turn into this.
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That's brilliant with the lightning.
Does this mean that Captain Atom now has the "Pride of Thor"?

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meh i think S.T.A.H.Z.A.M. would sound better
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Still my favorite of all your mash-ups. Though, I might just be a little biased since Captain Marvel is my favorite.
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I love this design! Thor and Shazam are my favourite heroes of their universes and this just combines the magical and mythological sides perfectly! Great work with your alternate heroes, I love them!
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In this case, who would you mix up the other Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) with?
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I like this mix. Thor could use some of that wisdom of Soloman for his punch-happy tendencies.
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