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The Creeping Wolverine

This was done for my buddy :icontnperkins: who wanted to see my fusion of The Creeper and Wolverine!! This was a fun piece to do I never thought these two characters would work so well with each other!! Let me know what you guys think!! Also if you are not familiar with :icontnperkins: you definitely need to go checkout his gallery you will not be disappointed and you absolutely will be inspired!!

*The Creeper is property of DC Comics
**Wolverine is property of Marvel Comics
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Eh I don't know the Creeper that much so I was kinda disappointed you didn't fuse Wolverine with Lobo or Deathstroke or Ra's Al Ghul.

Though either way great fusion idea!

Wow that is perfect could even have mixed him with sabertooth
Swampfire1109's avatar

Yeah. What about Sabretooth?

I mean Sabertooth X-Men
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I know. Since Creeper is mixed with Wolverine, I was wondering who Sabretooth could be mashed with.

1990s Sabertooth from the original X-Men cartoon with all of the fur on
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Now that is terrifying
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
what about, The Creeping Claw?
JoeEngland's avatar
I would have called him "Berserker".
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Too much crazy would be deadpool and the creeper
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
there is no amount of radialene in the world to handle those two together
Reviewer2016's avatar
Both lost their marbles upon getting their powers so I don't think that would even work on them as individuals.
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
The-Lady-Phantom's avatar
I wonder if he'd still be crushing on Harley Quinn (Or whatever her amalgam is)?
NeoPrankster's avatar
No escaping from this guy, is there?
I wonder how wolverine's inner calm would be offset by the creeper's insanity?
MercWithTheMeth's avatar
basically, sabretooth. lmao
Melody-Proxy's avatar
That is horrifying. GREAT JOB
WDGHK's avatar
A scary combo.
Omnipotrent's avatar

I'm legitimately terrified now
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