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The Amazing Spider-Bat

Spider-Man and Batman are two of my all time favorite Characters....which lead me to have this idea for a while of combing both of what I love about Spider-Man and Batman and combine the both of the 2 worlds together. So I came up with these designs for fun and First up is Spider-Bat which as you guessed it is a combo Batman and Spider-Man!! I have a list of other characters already worked out so stay tuned!! Let me know what you guys think!!

Also please do not post character Ideas in the comments!! I already have a list of characters that I'm working off of and I don't want to look like I stole or borrowed anybody's ideas, Thanks!!

*Spider-Man is property of Marvel Comics

**Batman is Property of DC Comics
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The sheer idea of having Spider-Man's powers and intelligence with the creations he makes and him being a smart genius then fusing Batman's fortune and Martial Artist get a very scary vigilante that would make most criminals shit their pants.

Maybe Origin?

Peter Wayne was a very smart child who loves science but was bullied in school where his uncle Ben Wayne always told him that great power comes great responsibility though one day during a school trip he was bitten by a spider which caused him to collapse but not only that but bats that were kept in a cage flew out scaring Peter badly. Now waking up with new powers he began training and focusing on his powers, but sadly his uncle died due to a crime mob now stricken with grief he remembered his uncle's words and he soon travelled the world training under other martial artists and soon he put his fear of bats and spiders mixed together creating a new identity to bring fear to crime itself...he is now The Amazing Spider Bat!

(The bat that flew out of the cage could be a hint to a Morbius fusion with a DC character)

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So Spider-Man with Bruce Wayne's fortune and extensive training. That's pretty scary. Especially when you consider the evil of upgrading what Bruce knows with a 150 IQ to Peters 250 IQ. *shudder*

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Does Peter Parker really have a genius IQ of 250? I had no idea it was that high.

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eah. They measured it when he was part of the Future Foundation. There are smarter people in Marvel but not many. That's been made abundantly clear from his creation, Peter is smart on a whole different level. His webbing formula helps prove that one, as even Reed and Tony had problems replicating the formula until they were literally told how.

Many of Spider-Man's feats are actually due to Peter Parker's sheer brilliance. And it's not just scientific knowledge, but his quick thinking, planning, and analysis of his enemies.

One example is fighting the Sinister Six, a group that changes membership often. Alone any of the members are a tough fight for Spider-Man, together they should be impossible to beat. Yet Spider-Man manages to analyze the group's capabilities, hypothesize a solution, and then enact a plan to defeat them all while fighting for his life. He's done this even when brand new villains who have never made an appearance before join the group. To really drive the point home with how impressive that is, the Sinister Six have at times beaten the Thor, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-men, the Defenders, and just about every other hero they come across.

When Spider-Man is part of other groups, any time he says he has a plan people roll their eyes, but they follow along. Even Captain America, Tony Stark, and Reed Richards will follow a Spider-Man plan because he is rarely wrong and even when he is the plan still works.

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That's awesome don't you mind if i use the spider bat suit for an idea
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Amalgam is so cool :)
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OMG this is amazing I've never seen  this mixture before 
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Impressive idea.
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Spiderbat, spiderbat, does whatever a spider catch, can you swing from his wings? That’s a thing, look out! Here comes the spiderbat bat bat!!
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Spider-Batman beyond?!?!?!
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Marvel and DC, you need to see this!
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i think spider-knight is better name
As a little boy, Peter Wayne is shocked to see his parents, the Bio-scientist Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha Wayne, being murdered by a mugger in front of his very eyes. This drives him to fight crime in New Gotham City as Spider-Bat. 
I am trying to come up with a better detail on Spider-Bat Origin. 
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this combo im loving soooooo much right now.. my fav heros are one awesome fusion together
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so awesome and cool!! :) :)
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Made more sense than Spider-boy did for the whole amalgam comics thing, nice work bub
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