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Just a quick take on Thanos that I did some time ago but never got around to posting it!! Let me know what you guys think!!

Thanos is a © of Marvel Comics
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Have you become a cartoonist yet?
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Your style reminds me of the Ben 10 Alien Force/ Omniverse art style!
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Awesome! I love your style. Thanos looks imposing and evil as he should!
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Looks straight out of one of those cartoon movies. Like how there isn't as much focus on his face.
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would be great if you were to Trevor as the Mandarin
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Pls do Ghost Rider
Eternaly Dreadful
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With the Marvel mega event 'Infinity' coming out soon, I hope you'll do pics of Thanos' generals, aka the Black Order.


Corvus Glaive


Proxima Midnight


Black Dwarf


Ebony Maw



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Thanks!! I have no plans to draw any of thanos generals!!
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I'll have to I get a commission from you, but it seems like every time you open.... BAM! They're taken! I know if I get a chance to get a commission from you, it'll definitely be one involving either Corvus Glaive or Proxima Midnight. Thus far, all of Thanos' generals are super cool, but these two have caught my interest the most.

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Hey if you are interested in getting a commission from me I can do it now
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Great! How much? And do you take Paypal?
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Very nice! One thing that gets me about Thanos' classic design is he looks a little too bulky and hunched over. But here, he looks great, much better proportions. Good job!
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That's ok. 
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This is how I imagine Thanos to look like if he appeared in Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes. :)
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