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Spider-Bat Line Up

Here is a line up of all my Spider-Bat characters that I have done so far!! I did this so you can see the scale of each character in relation to each other!! as I create more characters I will add them here!! Let me know what you guys think!!

Also please do not post character Ideas in the comments!! I already have a list of characters that I'm working off of and I don't want to look like I stole or borrowed anybody's ideas, Thanks!!

*All Spider-Man and related Characters are property of Marvel Comics!

**All Batman and related Characters are property of DC Comics!
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Man-bat and the Lizard

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What about King Pin?

king pin and penguin. King Penguin

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Oswald William Fisk
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Instead of the Joking Goblin, why not the Jade Jester?
Venom could just stay named Venom since Bane's drug is called Venom
And it could be Dr. Arctipus and Thornbug rather than Octofreeze and Poison Scorpion
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Some pretty awesome fusions you've got here. Would be cool if this were an actual comic series.
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I like what I see. But what are their similarities? I don't get it.

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Spiderbat - Both are orphans whose origins revolve around an animal and both are good with tech.
Devilwing - Both use some kind of staff or baton to fight
Joking Goblin - Both are the primary arch-enemies of their heroes
Octofreeze - Both are doctors with a tragic past who were altered by their own experiments
Banenom - Both rely on a liquid-like substance for their strength, the symbiote and the venom drug
Mysteriddle - Both rely on mind tricks and making their opponent second-guess themselves and their world.
Poison Scorpion - Both have a connection to poison, bugs are commonly assosciated with plants as well
Scavenger - Both seem to be built around the concept of fear. Plus, crows and vultures, both birds.
Deadshot The Hunter - Both are built around their skill as a hunter.
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Thank you for this. It was all I needed to know.

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No worries. I was a little confused on some of them myself so I'm happy to be of help.
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Poison Ivy and Scorpion, interesting
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Not sure about Octofreeze though
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Banenom is if Bane got infected by a symbiote
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This is really awesome! Combining my two favorite superheroes and each character fits each other.
Funny that Bane is Venom, considering that Tom Hardy played both bane and venom in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Venom (2018) respectively.
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EricGuzman Hey man, I was wondering who DC's and Marvel's equivalents would be... 

Like ... Killer Croc and Lizard 
Clayface and Sandman 
Catwoman and Black Cat 

but not only Batman and Spider-Man characters... 
Like ... Superman and Hyperion 
Swampthing and Manthing 
Beastboy and Reptil 


Also I found an interesting vid on YouTube about Ben 10 and Marvel similarities 
- Even though Ben would be better off in the DCU ... what characters do you think could match Ben in the DC Universe? 
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It should be Killer Croc/Rhino, Clayface/Chameleon and Catwoman/Black Cat.

Superman/Captain America, Swamp Thing/Hulk and Beast Boy/Reptil.

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What about Catwoman? Wouldn't she be combined with Black Cat?
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That might be why she's not here. Not a lot would change if you combined them. 
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What if it was combined with a spider given that Spider-Man has had many romantic interests? Aside from Black Cat he also had drawn the attention of Silk which was interesting how they both were bitten by the same spider and were drawn to each other by their Spider-Sense. Maybe not Spider-Cat, but something close enough.
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By combining venom and bane, you had no idea how much you were predicting the future.
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