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Ocean Master

By EricGuzman
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My Take on the Ocean Master, I have always dug his design!! I hope you like my take on him!!

*Ocean Master belongs to DC Comics!!
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As Mermaid Man himself would say...

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Is that Orm Marius, Arthur Curry's half brother?
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You give this character some well deserved justice and I hope he'll be a class A badass in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. Thank you very much and btw he remind me of one of OC superhero's arch-foe's older brother name Gigamind who actions and personality is slightly similar to Ocean Master except for one diffidence: Gigamind won't retreat even if all of his forces had fallen. He'll fight till his last dying cybernetic breath to get revenge on Marvelous for what he did to his "Kid" brother during the "Marvelous Becomes a Uncle" three-parter other than that great drawing of Ocean Master.
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That is an awesome design for Aquaman's evil bro.
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UR ART IS SEXY Clap Love :happybounce: +fav :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
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Loved his story in the Justice League, so great job!
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I'm not sure how well that cape is supposed to work underwater, but it sure does look cool!
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I´m not familiar with this character but it sure looks pretty cool here! Great job! :D
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Absolutely sick... Great colors! It's a shame that this guy doesn't get too much attention... XD He was even kicked off the Light, if you were keeping up with YJ! ^^
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Thank You!! yeah Ocean Master is a Cool villain and yes I've been keeping up with Young Justice (too bad it got cancelled)!! I'm a big fan of your work by the way!!
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XD Yeah, that is too bad, but hey.. that's how it is sometimes. And thank you!

btw, just noticed that you're in the LA area, if you're every interested and not doing anything, me and a couple of friends would love to see you at one of our DC nation meetups. ^^ No obligations of course! We always love meeting fellow artists.

EricGuzman's avatar
Thanks for the invite, Sounds awesome!! How often to you guys meet?
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^^ Well, pretty much every weekend that there's a new episode of YJ and GLTAS. XD 6 or 7 more episodes left, so that's about 1.5 more months to go. ^^
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Cool I'll see when I make it, thanks again!!
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