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Marvelous Girl

Being that Captain America and Superman are my second favorite superheroes so here is my take on Marvelous Girl a mix of Captain Marvel and Supergirl!! I for some reason never posted these individually so here you go!!

Also please do not post character Ideas in the comments!! I already have a list of characters that I'm working off of and I don't want to look like I stole or borrowed anybody's ideas, Thanks!!

*Captain Marvel is property of Marvel Comics

**Supergirl is property of DC Comics
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Captain Marvel ... are you referring to "Shazam" or the Kree "Captain Marvel" ... 
- I thought you used Ms. Marvel - due to seeing she's a female, but you already used Ms. M on ... 
Ms. Wonder by EricGuzman
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That fusion was of Wonder Woman and Black Canary.

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Then why does it say ,,,

*Ms. Marvel is property of Marvel Comics

**Wonder Woman is Property of DC Comics

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I could see her having a similar backstory to the Linda Danvers version of Supergirl.
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I thought you combine Wonderwoman with captain marvel! 
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@AzmuthTheCreator says that that one was Black Canary and Wonder Woman (which would both be D-C Characters.)

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But... you already mixed Carol with Wonder Woman?!
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I love these mashups.  They are so fantastic.
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Great work!
Though I think black widow/super girl would've made more sense x:
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Personally, I'd cross Black Widow and Black Canary. That way, you can get the romantic tension between her and the inevitable Hawkeye/Green Arrow combo.
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That doesn't really answer my question. Just that it happened. 
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Hey, don't ask me. I didn't make it. Besides, who would you cross either of them with?
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Well, I know they did this, but Hawkeye and Green Arrow had two amalgamations. I can imagine a Goliath/Green Arrow mash-up, with Clint's use of growing (From when he was Goliath) and Oliver's archery skills. Amalgam's Goliath doesn't make use of Green Arrow's archery skills. 
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dude u need to make a comic!
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Hmm, any chance of seeing a Powergirl merger?
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Love it......but, what's the "S" stand for now?
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