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Martian Vision Update

Here's another amalgam I had done some time ago its still a work in progress but I decided to throw some color on it so you can get a feel for the colors!! Hes a combo of DC Comics Martian Manhunter and Marvel Comics Vision!! Let me know what you guys think!!
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Power-wise this amalgam makes sense but origin-wise not so much. One is an alien from Mars and the other is an android. Thought they are both "heart" of their team.

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Maybe a possible origin for this character?

A Martian that was found dead and thanks to the help of brillant mind of Hank Palmer (Hank Pym and Ray Palmer fusion) he managed to fuse the Martian body with technology of a previous failure prototype called Vision and create a new whole being to save the world.

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I'm running out of compliments
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Sweet! The colors, torso, and head are awesome.
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Sorry, all I'm seeing is a Skrull version of the Vision.
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Interesting choice of characters. Their powerset have simialrities, and they often fill the niche of stoic loner in their respective teams.
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That's really cool.
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suicide squad and sinister six or
suicide squad and thunderbolt
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Justice League/Unlimited MM has a very Vision-esque vibe to him already. Good choice!
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Morphing to any shape and phasing through surfaces, god help whoever pissed him off.
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This Martian Manhunter / Vision mash-up looks damn good. 
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Not much of an original choice but its a good one :). The design is a real nice mix. Kudos!
keep up the good work, we all REALLY love your amalgamations, it is so amazing, realistic, and looks legit. It also takes two characters we don't often think as combo-able, and makes them SUPER AWESOME.
THankyou thankyou, and by all means, please continue
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Thank You I really appreciate it!!
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Nice mix. You keep at the same time the characteristics of both characters and changed nto something new. Kudos.
The last Synthezoid of Mars. Thank you for this
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With convergence here any chance for fanart of that?
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