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Justice League New 52

Nothing really new here just a line up of some the members of the Justice League that I have done in there New 52 costumes. I made some changes to some of the characters that were really bugging me I also included Darkseid for scale!! Let me know what you guys think!!

*All Justice League Characters are property of DC Comics!
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Why darkseid is in the team?
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I love Jim Lee's design on the New 52 Justice League.
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I think Supes was better of with the red trunks. (Yes, NOT underwear, trunks). Made for a better color balance in his costume. :P
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Love the art, but not the smurfette syndrom... :p
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f r a u d u l e n t a n d h o m o s e x u a l
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I love your drawing style. Way cool!
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clark, diana and bruces outfits were defiantly downgrades 
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all the men are drawn really original!!!! i like the artstyle brought to the table. however, since all the men are drawn with detail it makes Wonder Woman stick out like a sore thumb. like she looks the plainest, w barely any muscles showing. she is a super hero w super strength too. thats the only thing bugging me
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it might also be her shoulders not matching everyone else's broad shoulders that maybe throwing me off 😂 lmao
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The broadest part of a male is the shoulder line. We can't expect the artist to draw the characters in a way that would make Wonder Woman look like a male. After all, she has always been a bit small in comparison to her actual strength in canon images. In my opinion the hero that looks the strangest here is The Flash, as I don't remember him being necessarily built.
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I'm nit-picking, yes. i remember wonder woman more or so like this…
her shoulders were a bit more wider and i think it's the flatter hair that's throwing me off now that i think of it.. haha.
I agree with you on that! Like he's more speedy so he could be more limber/lean
edit: the hidden comment is the same response, i just replied to the wrong comment 0':
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looks good.... do you ever do any marvel heroes?
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While it looks awesome, I particularly like Bat's helm, with his whole HUD system in there just glowing like that it looks really cool, I was hoping Aquaman would have his beard 
this is why you don't skip leg day. 
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Love how you designed these guys. I'm a big DC Comics fan and you really did the New 52 justice with these designs. Great job!
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I wonder how the Legion of Doom would look...Yeah, I know, my sense of nostalgia...
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