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Giant Man/Ant Man Commission

By EricGuzman
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Here is a commission for :iconpychopat2: of Marvel comics Giant Man/Ant Man!! let me know what you guys think!!

*Giant Man/Ant Man is © of marvel Comics!
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This is great. :)
I wish Hank hadn't been demoted to a mentor character in the MCU. I'd love to see what would be their depiction of this costume. :/

I'd also like to see him wear this costume in AEMH. xD
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My favorite hero! Amazing job!
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He's awesome! :D
Great drawing of Giant Man! A shame he(as Ant Man & Giant Man)& Wasp didn't appear in the Avengers movie. I guess the budget couldn't handle a pair of shrinking down to ant & wasp size, growing to human & giant size, ant controlling, bio electric zapping, wasp winged & flying ant flying & gigantic super strong heroes so that's why Hawk Eye & Black Widow were there instead! Still, the best superhero movie ever though! Ant Man will be getting his own movie July 31st 2015, it'll have both the original Henry Hank Pym & the 2nd Scoot Lang in it! Hopefully Giant Man & Wasp will make an appearance or at least some reference will be made about them!
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one of my favorite characters. Hopefully will be used more often and given a decent writer/artist after the movie comes out. Awesome btw
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this is amazing, I really wish you'd have done the designs for the new avengers show!
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Thanks that would have been a fun show to work on!!
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This looks great. I already miss Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes. The new show is fine, but I would have liked to see more of the show.
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Gi-Ant Man? Very nice.
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Cool - but is it Hank Pym, Scott Lang or the other guy? ;)
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I believe it's Hank Pym
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I commissioned it. It's hank pym.
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Ah. Thanks for clarifying.
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