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Vector Laughing Man logo

I did this one while I was creating logos for a class and I thought to my self, "who has the coolest logo ever?" and I made the Laughing Man logo from "Ghost in the Shell"
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got here form google. image is kinda off. Looks great thou. =)
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yea I know, I'm not sure what happen but for some reason the file I uploaded was a little off.
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Man, youdid one thing wrong... It was "I thought what I'd do" in the book. You instead made it "I'd thought what i'd do".
Your was biggest size I could found online, now I cant use it
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holy crap! my bad. 
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
I hope you got a triple A+ for this in class.
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totally, maybe ill make it a little bit shorter
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lol i remember you working on this, how've you been?
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I've been good. Been paying a lot of money for college. what about you? Dent ever get your name right? lol
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lol my name is chris. Yeah i sorta got dropped from willow so now im at university of pheonix, it's alot easyer. however i may get an ambullance job soon so that's a plus
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wooo, hows pheonix? I don't even know what people do their?
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lol, It's all online, so it's a little different. You post your assignments and comment in a discussion forum, its rather easy. It really only takes me 30 or so minutes to complete a class for a week, and what's better is that classed are 9 weeks long, so i havent gotten board with it yet
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lol you and your short attention span
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