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I heart You, Sharktopus

Shark week is almost over and I have yet to see any more promotions or even an air date about Sharktopus. I mean come on! The timing couldn't be anymore perfect!
Sigh....poor Sharktopus.


EDIT: The 25th of September is guaranteed to be a great day.

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I always find this style of airbrushing because it's so reminiscent of impressionism and post impressionism. In my mind it takes a special eye to be able to maintain that style effectively. While the image clearly isnt realistic and is more on the cartoony side it's got realistic elements much like a caricature. Which is funny considering the artist drawing the shark/octopus creature. The reflection on the water is fantastic and the Shark's teeth are pretty cute and adorable. I think the suction cups on the tentacles could use a little more shading to take them just a little further it seems like you do the shark better than the tentacles <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)"/> but it's still neat.

Overall very interesting, happy to find your gallery brought a smile to my face. VERY original. Can't say I've seen much like this!
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Amazing work!
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duuuuuuude i want one:3
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hey there, thank you for sharing in my forum thread! your piece is really amazing so I thought I would include it in my feature. :heart:
please take a look at the other awesome pieces too, if you have some time; I'd appreciate that and I'm sure the other artists would too. :aww:
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That's a VERY cute Sharktopus. Too bad the boxart didn't look as cute. :(
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Your work has Been Featured :) [link]
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That is adorable beyond all reason xD I love it!
I want to snuggle with Mr. Sharky <3
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It was on last night on SyFy.
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Such a pudgy cute Sharktopus!
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i. LOVE! that movie.
this is pretty awesome.
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Hello dear!:) Your art is featured in my Journal [link] .
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It's so Awesome i'm gonna die!!
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Look at him sitting there so patiently. Cute! :love:
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Sharktopus is a super fun movie...loved it!
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This is so coooooooolllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm trying to devise a TigerChicken concept for my son.
Love this.
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Awesome...I really like the concept. :D
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Thank you. Glad you like!
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A unique combination of two of the coolest creatures in the ocean. Err, okay, technically Sharktopus is on the beach right now...but you know what I mean. Wonderful picture.
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Thank you much!
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