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Giantess preview 2

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Another preview page from this months FemForce issue. To see it inked and with dialogue, You have to pick it up at your local comic retailers shop. Hope you all dig it and FemForce.
Inked page from same issue...

Some other FemForce stuff i've done...
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hotrod5Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. :)
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Thanks. HotRod.
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DarkKnightJRKStudent Traditional Artist
Are the birds following her around everywhere she goes to hide her bits from view?
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For this panel, Yes :D
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That's amazing, can't wait to get my copy. That guy with the remote makes me think of the X-files when they were screwing with AD Skinner's blood with a PDA. Taking that to the next level by controlling a woman's height with it would be fantastic.
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I remember that in X-Files :D. Glad you are going to pick up a copy and enjoy the story.
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Wow! Great work!
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Your welcome.
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Is she a gentle giantess right?
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Fantastic background!!!
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You're welcome.
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Excellent perspective. Wonderful composition. And illustrates the story from the script very well.

And good job going naked on it while keeping to AC standards.

Eric, this might be your best giantess-themed page yet.
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Awww....Garsh. I got this vision in my head when I read your script. It's great when the writer is happy with the illustrators work :D
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heh, that's funny, I often say "I love it when an artist enjoys drawing my scripts."

The best results often come when the artist reads the script and at some point says "oh, this is going to be cool."
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That's what I did say. :D
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Mission accomplished. :)
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Sweet googly moogly, that is some fantastic drawing! The perspective work is awesome, and I love the strategic use of startled birds.
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Thanks, Metal. I thought that the avian camouflage would work :D
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docjusticeHobbyist Traditional Artist
it's me or she's naked ?
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yngabbotHobbyist Traditional Artist
nice work.
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Thanks, yngabbot :D
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