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"Step right up if you dare, meet the man we all fear! He'll tell you all you need to know. He's blind, but he can see your soul," the carnival worker exclaims to those hurrying by.

All except a young boy, standing on the other side, holding a large lollipop, with a skeptical look on his face, even bothers to pay attention.

"You! Yeah, you," the carnival worker shouts, pointing to the boy. "Come here. How would you like to know your future, son?"

The boy grins up at him, baring a gap where two front teeth should be.

"How much ya got? Reflection won't see you unless you give him something."

The boy shrugs, handing over one shiny quarter. The carnival worker raises his eyebrows, then with a wink pockets the boy’s offering, as he pulls back the curtain just enough for him to enter.

The room is dark with a table in the center, surrounded by mirrors and a man sitting there, wearing a blindfold. The boy walks up to the table and waits, till the man pulls away the blindfold, revealing completely white eyes.

“Murderer. Murderer!” he shouts. In the mirrors, he sees a grown man grinning from ear to ear, holding a butcher knife dripping with blood, in place of the boy’s lollipop.

“Can you tell me where my mommy is?”
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March 16, 2017
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