Protocol Z

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“They’ve found me,” he whispered as he heard shuffling footsteps in the distance. “Trace, are your systems functioning yet? I could really use you right now.”

The ships supercomputer whirred to life, but he could tell by her slow speech she was not yet operational. On this planet, believed to be inhabited by unidentified beings, he was alone.

Suddenly, the doors hissed open, but he found his movement slow and labored.

“Jesus Christ, what happened in here?” He could hear a voice ask, but his vision was blurred. “Trace. Report.”

“Transformation complete.”

“Yes, I see that, but what did you transform him into?”

“Protocol Z.”

The Generals eyes widened as he backed out of the room and sealed the doors immediately.

“Lieutenant, shut down Trace and call the EVAC Team to dispose of what’s in there.”

“Was it not a success?”

“If you call turning our best Astronaut into a Zombie a success?” the General answered, running his fingers through his silver hair. “Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ,” he muttered to himself as he walked away.
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