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“You’ll be sorry. You’ll all be sorry. Locking me up isn’t going to stop me. Nothing can stop me. Nothing.”

Without waiting for his bailiff to dismiss the courtroom, Judge Walker rushed to his chambers and closed the door behind him. He leaned against it, attempting to calm his nerves.

He’s heard many cases where psychotic killers stood before him as he passed judgement, but this one was different. There was no question of his guilt, but the way he breathed when he was put on the stand, as if he was documenting the Judge’s scent.

He’d done it before to many unsuspecting victims. Something about their scent gave him cravings he couldn’t deny. His latest victim, a blind date, wore a perfume he desired. In two days’ time the State Police found her dismembered.

“Sir,” came a voice on the other side of the door. Judge Walker quickly disrobed and sat in his chair.

“Come in.”

“Would you like an escort home, sir?” his bailiff asked.

“No, James. He’s in custody. I’ll be fine,” he assured him, but his voice still cracked.

The moon was full as he drove home, shining brightly in the dark sky. As he approached his front door he heard a growl. His options were limited as he calculated his chance of escape; there was none.

Judge Walker turned slowly to find no one behind him. As he breathed a sigh of relief a wolf crept into the light cast down from the moon.
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