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-2012- Biohazard: Of the End

By Eric-3
Kazuma Kiryu (from Yakuza) vs Nemesis (from Resident Evil). I've had this idea for months and months, sometime after hearing about Ryu ga Gotoku: Of the End / Yakuza: Dead Souls, but I've been too busy, lazy, and lacking incentive to try it.

A ridiculous amount of free time at work got me doodling though and I eventually got the rough layout of the picture down. That's usually one of the hardest parts for me, so with that out of the way already without even really planning to try it, I figured I may as well finally try the finished picture now. 4-day weekend didn't hurt either.

I haven't drawn or coloured anything in 6 months. I'm sure there's tons of things wrong with this picture. I'm not even sure the background makes sense. And I've forgotten pretty much everything I ever knew about drawing muscles. The exaggerated angle/pose didn't help matters, making it hard to find reference to see if I was doing anything very wrong. Speaking of the angle/pose, I seem to have ended up with a rehash of my old Chi-Chi vs Freeza picture. *Sigh*

For clarification I'm intending Kazuma's left fist to be going in for the punch, not his right one. Otherwise, I don't think the angle with the fist in relation to Nemesis would match up.

For these crossover pictures (well, OK, I only ever had 1 other one as far as I recall), I try to make it look even with neither character shown to be winning. Just so it doesn't seem like I'm picking favourites. But if I knew how to draw bicycles, I would've been tempted to draw Kazuma smashing one over the head of Nemesis. That's always been one of my favourite Heat Actions...

Which reminds me, I was going to do the Heat flame aura thing on Kazuma, but I got lazy and just wanted to finish this.
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From what I've seen Kiryu might just be tough enough to fight Nemesis in a fist fight. Not sure if he can win though. Sure Kiryu is inhumanly tough, but Nemesis survives fatal injuries every 10 seconds and has near unlimited stamina.

The mere thought of Kazuma pulling off heat actions on one of the deadliest zombies in existence is plain enjoyable.
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Haha, thanks for checking it out. :)
And since Resident Evil bosses keep coming back for more, Kazuma will be able to do plenty of Heat actions on him.
You're welcome. :)
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Fantastic cross-over, Dead Souls is easily one of my favourite PS3 games - just so much fun, wandering around an apocalyptic Kamurocho and blasting the shite out of zombies. x'D  Of course, running into Nemesis might be a tad terrifying, especially if it's only McFists in action.  Haha, I'd pay money to see Nemesis getting a bicycle smashed over his head.  Would he be seeing bicycle bells instead of stars I wonder... /shot

Anyway, love this artwork. :love:
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That's cool. I don't hear about many people enjoying Dead Souls that much. It's not one of my favourites, but I definitely had good fun with it. :thumbsup:

"McFists", haha. :laughing:
Unarmed combat is what I like most. It might be terrifying fighting Nemesis like that, but I'm sure it would be fun trying.

But why would Nemesis see anything other than S.T.A.R.S.? :p

I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thanks for the fave. :)
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Yeah, I've noticed that it's unliked by the majority of those that have played it.  Maybe didn't give it enough of a shot or took it too seriously as too many people do with everything. ^^ Meh, I've never followed the herd on anything so I'm not surprised by this at all. xD  Besides, I've got a lot of fun ideas to draw out from Dead Souls; can appreciate the sense of humour in the game, not a million miles from my own.

Well, Kiryu was asking for a 'nickname' from Dead Souls especially.  What with his "I'm not going to shoot anyone, these are people too" and then five minutes later, off into the quarantine zone with a missile launcher.  XD  I don't think fighting zombies with bare hands is a good idea, considering what they have on their menu 24-7.

Haha, exactly.  :D
You're welcome. ^_^
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I think one of the problems was that it couldn't strongly appeal to any group in general. For zombie/shooter fans, the gameplay is arguably not as polished as other shooters and it controls differently. For Yakuza fans, the story and combat are a drastic change from the rest of the series. You'd likely need someone with an open mind from either group to find someone that could enjoy it significantly. From what I've seen, a lot of people don't have open minds :roll:...

Yeah, I've learned not to listen to reviews and impressions much. There are lots of high-rated games I dislike or found way overrated, and lots of low-rated games I love and are some of my favourites. Of course, I agree with some things, but in general it's best to just judge for myself.

I always enjoyed Yakuza's mix of serious and absurd. :laughing:

In the context of a video game, I'd still like to punch and kick zombies. Of course not in real life though. :p
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Yes, that's true.  I don't play FPS games because I cannot work with the camera stick/aim stick in continued cooperation (not without spinning in circles and shooting the air/ground XD).  I think the controls in DS were most like the earlier Resi games, at least reminiscent of them anyway.  It had a decent "pick up and play" to it though, which a lot of shooters don't to gamers like myself who aren't comfortable with those types of games.  There are guns in Yakuza games though... okay not a lot of them because everything is solved with fisty-cuffs but eh... like you said; keeping an open mind is recommended.  (I just finished Y3 and honestly, for me, worst Yakuza game I've played so far - not a fan of children to be polite about it and it bored me. XD)

Yes, it's always best to try something for yourself and see what you think, not what the herd do. ^^  What are some of your favourite games, if you don't mind me asking?

Haha, yeah.. I wouldn't recommend punching zombies.  Probably best to keep a safe distance. xD
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Oh. Have you not played a lot of games that use both sticks like that, or you have tried a lot but just can't get used to it?

I'm not big on first-person shooters. Not because I can't control it or don't like the gameplay, but just that the majority of them seem to be more grounded in reality and/or military-themed and I find that extremely boring. I generally like creative settings. The art direction/visual theme of a game has a big impact on its appeal to me.
I also don't like not seeing my character. It really hinders me from getting to like them. So I prefer third-person shooters. The only first-person one I really liked was Borderlands.

If you're interested in other pick-up-and-play shooters, you might want to try a main-series Ratchet & Clank game (other than the first one), or the Earth Defense Force games (I can only specifically recommend 2025 since it's the only one I played).

Haha. :D
I often tried to raise awareness of the Yakuza series, but I've actually only played 1, 2, and Dead Souls. I never played 3 and 4 since I was getting burned out that they kept using the same city every game. I wanted to get 5 since it has more drastic additions, but they never released it on disc in North America. :(
I'd love to get 0, but I don't have a PS4.

I don't mind at all! I love talking about games. :p
BUT, it's gonna be hard for me to pick out favourites. There are so many I love. :noes: Here are some. There are games I'd consider better than some of these but that aren't necessarily my favourites. I'm basing these on lasting impact and just how fun they are/how likely I'd be to play them multiple times, despite some flaws they may have. Like, sometimes I think a game is great but I might not want to replay it for some reason. So I'm not including those.

Alice: Madness Returns
Anarchy Reigns
Ape Escape 3
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Chrono Trigger
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back or Warped
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
DmC: Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy VII
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal or A Crack in Time
Resident Evil 6
Saints Row 2
Silent Hill 2
Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
SoulCalibur V 
Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Wild ARMs 5

What are some of your favourites?
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That is an impressive list and quite nostalgic
too, always a good thing.  Some of my favourites? Hmm... off the top of my head (and excluding Yakuza ones as we've established those as liked titles already...)
Crash Team Racing
Final Fantasy VIII, XII
Guilty Gear X/XX
Metal Gear Solid/2 (Tanker especially..)
Resident Evil/2
Rival Schools/Project Justice
Samurai Warriors 4
Soul Calibur

I'm sure there are loads others I'm missing but yeah, off the top of my head these are notable. ^^'

As for FPS/dual stick things, it's a bit of both.  I'm not great at one stick goes up and the other goes horizontal at the same time, which is odd as I play guitar (one hand does on thing, the other does something else...).  Timesplitters 2 was one I just couldn't get to grips with, the same with Gears of War.... but I agree, there are too many FPS games that have a military/war theme - need to mix it up a little bit.  The one shooting game I was good at was Point Blank... PlayStation light-gun game, SO much fun.  Same with House of the Dead.

Haha, well between us we can say we've played Yakuza 0,1,2,3,4* and Dead Souls. xD I sincerely doubt that Y5 is either out or still available in the UK either.  Though I've heard they're releasing the Kiwami (1 remake) on PS4 in the west this summer...
*- it's on my "to play" queue, no plans tomorrow... >w>
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Ah, I had a list (with so I wasn't going off the top of my head. :lol:

Crash Team Racing is great. I thing I unlocked everything in that, back in the days that I had the time to complete games rather than just beat the story. :hmm:

I think my first Grandia was III, but I eventually played I and II. I especially liked the battle system. I didn't get to finish II though. I think my disc was messed up.

I love Guilty Gear's aesthetic and presentation, but the gameplay is too complicated for me to get a decent handle on. Still would've liked to try Xrd Revelator though.

I tried playing Metal Gear Solid, but I'm generally bad at stealth. The only Metal Gear I could play was Revengeance (spoilers: it's awesome :happybounce:).

I love the original Resident Evils. I put 6 on the list above them though since that's what I'd be more likely to play over and over. It's more pick-up-and-play for me rather than worrying about the inventory management and limited saves of the original games.
Did you play Revelations 2? I thought that was a nice mix of the original and modern styles, and with some new ideas of its own too.

If you like Warriors games, have you tried Sengoku Basara?

OK. What about games where you rotate the camera with the right stick? Are you OK with those? I'm always moving the camera around to look for things, so maybe that helped.
I never tried Point Blank, but I definitely knew of it back in the PS1 days. The only House of the Dead I played was Overkill, but I played it with a controller.

Yakuza 5 is available in the UK digitally. It's even on sale right now:!/en-gb…

It's great that they're releasing Kiwami too.
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badass but i put my vote with nemesis
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... heh Awesome work here
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awww....why put Nemesis in such one sided fight? XD still so freaking awesome!!
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I can't tell whose side you're on when you ask that, but canon doesn't always have relevance in fanart. :lmao:
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Oh Kazzy-chan of course, he is so hardcore, the only guys who'll fist fight a horde of zombies
I got money on old Kazzy!
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i agree kazua will beat the hell out of him
and then uses nemesis his own gatlinggun to shoot the hell out of him.
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love the perspective! you always draw such awesome action poses!
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