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-2018- Unfamiliar
Two of my characters, Kilise (left) and Noireen.

While Scithia will always be the most significant Reaper to me, being the first that I made and that started this whole little universe, I have been trying to give more attention to her teammates.

Kilise is the one I feel I've drawn the least. This is partly because she was simply the last one I added to the team, partly because I've had some trouble finalizing her design, and partly because I'm just really bad at drawing muscles. I wanted to show her again though, so here she is.

I had no idea what to do with it though. I should know better by now to not proceed with a picture without a plan, since that usually results in a boring pose.
I give you exhibit A.

I added Noireen later into the drawing to try and make it at least a little more interesting with Kilise interacting with someone. And really, I think the only reason I bothered to keep going with this drawing and finish it was because I really liked how Noireen's head came out. The face is a little more exaggerated, closer to my older drawings that I've kinda wanted to get elements back from.

I scanned this around a month ago and I've only now finished colouring it. It went slow, even for me, 'cause I just didn't feel eager to work on it. I think I'm getting tired of colouring; it can be tedious. :(

Oh man, I almost forgot to mention, since it was so long ago that I even did this to the picture; I had to digitally stretch the drawing vertically to try and fix some of it. I originally drew Kilise's body way too squashed. I would think at least part of the problem was the limited paper space (again), making me cram things in to fit on the page and hurting the accuracy of the proportions. :x

I'd like to try going back to pencil shading for a bit and maybe add light base colours on top of that. It might at least cut out most of the shading that I hate having to do when I colour digitally. I don't know if anyone here actually knows, but I don't have a tablet or anything like that. I've always used a mouse to colour digitally. Pencil shading should give me more precision...though it could also come with its own other obstacles. :hmm:

It's been somewhat of a pattern for me to title Reaper pictures after songs by The Birthday Massacre. :paranoid:
It's because I think their music would be a really fitting soundtrack to a Reapers game...if only I could make another one.
Dance with the Dead's music would be really fitting too.
-2018- Sundown
Batman and Robin from The Dark Knight Returns.

I used to be into (superhero) comics, but that was a long time ago and so I haven't really drawn much comic-related stuff since. This was done though because it's for my brother.…

I say "for" him, but it's not exactly like he asked for it. And heck, he's much more skilled at art than I am, so it's not like he couldn't do something for himself. I did ask him months ago if there was anything he might like to see me do though, since I didn't know what to draw, and one of his suggestions was Dark Knight Returns Batman and Robin.

I'm only getting to it now because by the time I received the suggestion back then, I had already started other things in the meantime and had still been finishing those up until recently.

I've never actually read The Dark Knight Returns, so I had to look some stuff up and am only vaguely familiar with some of the key points. For example, just looking for reference pictures shows me Batman in a blue and grey costume as well as a black and grey costume. I didn't know the difference and could've ended up using the blue and grey. I think that might've been inaccurate though since apparently he only wears that before officially working with Carrie Kelley Robin..? :confused:

That unfamiliarity carried (haha, no pun intended) over into the poses/idea. I couldn't do anything really specific to The Dark Knight Returns, such as a scene, since I didn't know many details. So here's a general jumping-into-action thing.

I couldn't even do like grit and battle damage like a lot of my pictures have had, even though I get the impression something based on The Dark Knight Returns would be suitable for that. The problem was I didn't know if Robin would really fight hand-to-hand to have that sort of grit and battle damage, and it would look weird to put it on one character but not the other.

Robin's pose came really naturally and this is pretty much the exact same pose I initially laid out on a small scrap of paper on my first try before starting the actual picture. I don't think I tweaked anything on the scrap before settling on a final pose.

Batman on the other hand, I didn't know what to do with him and had trouble thinking of a pose. It wasn't intentional that this came out somewhat similar to that iconic jumping pose in front of the lightning on one of the comic covers. My idea was actually just him jumping at someone and getting ready to punch him, thus the arm poses.

My thinking was that Batman was tough and experienced enough to just throw himself at the enemy from a building without using a rope or whatever, but Robin's still new and needs some help via the rope.

I'm not entirely pleased with how Batman turned out. I still have a problem with judging how much space I'll need on a paper so that nothing gets cut off. I misjudged the scaling of Batman and ended up having to draw him more squished than I'd like just to fit most of him in the space that I had. This is definitely what messes my proportions up sometimes; consciously or unconsciously squishing things down so that it fits onto the paper.

This is kind of OK here since it seems like Dark Knight Returns Batman is often depicted wider and bulkier than other Batmans, but it still annoys me that this isn't quite what I wanted to do. I mean, that is why I drew him bulkier than I would draw a "normal" Batman, but I didn't want to have him be this squat. And even taking foreshortening into account as it's stretching backwards, I'm not sure his right leg works OK...

The original scan actually cuts off at the bottom of Robin's left foot and Batman's left "ear" (the pointed one on the cowl). I drew a bit extra in at the top and bottom with a mouse.

I also wish I could've made Batman look older. Aside from just not having much experience drawing older faces, I feel I was also held back a bit by the cowl. I didn't want to draw too many wrinkles on it. I mean, I know I don't draw realistically, but still, how skin-tight would that cowl have to be to show all those face wrinkles?? :noes:

I'm pretty pleased with how Robin turned out, at least. Other than her cape (and Batman's), which just looks weird since I don't know how to draw capes flowing, my only notable complaint is the hair. I wasn't quite sure what it was supposed to look like since it looked different at different angles in the reference pictures I had.

For example, the way it looked in one picture at a certain angle didn't seem to quite match up with what I would think it would look like at a different angle being shown in a different picture. So it confused me. On top of that, I had to account for the wind blowing it as she's swinging through the air. :hmm:

The overall picture originally had more of a faint orange tint and the background had more purple and orange. I preferred it to what I have here, but the problem was that it didn't look as night-time as it should. So I reluctantly gave it more of a faint dim blue tint so that it would make more sense for the setting.

Some people mention I should use references when I need help. I try to limit my use of references so that my stuff is entirely (or almost entirely) original and from scratch, but I do agree with using references if I desperately need help...The problem is finding references I can actually use.

I must've went through pages and pages of Google Images (and when I say pages, I mean scrolling all the way to the bottom until it just ends or asks to load more) and I still didn't find exactly what I needed for the parts I was unsure about.

The angle's always a little off from what I'm trying to draw, the lighting's always different, the pose is never quite the same, etc and I end up not being able to use anything most of the time or getting very minimal help from it at best. And I don't want to work the other way either, with compromising my original idea to fit the references. :|

I don't know how many people even read these long commentaries but I do like just getting my thoughts out, especially when a lot of consideration went into a picture.
-2018- Trina 2
One of my characters, Trina.

I started drawing this without any idea of what I wanted to do with it, so the pose kinda went nowhere and it's pretty plain.

The only reason I bothered finishing the drawing when I saw the pose was going nowhere was that I liked how the head and torso came out (though I later ended up having to fix the face digitally a bit anyway :|). I want my characters to have diverse facial structures and body types and I know what I want them all to be, but sometimes I have trouble actually drawing it.

Trina here is supposed to be a little overweight, but I always had trouble actually drawing that build because I didn't have much experience with it. I only recently started getting a little better at it. I was pleased with how it was turning out here, so I didn't want to scrap the drawing.

If anyone's wondering about the skin colour, she's a witch. It's supposed to be like a faint green/yellow sorta colour.

I was trying to put a lighting layer over this to give the picture a slightly more unified colour scheme. Everything I tried kinda messed with her skin colour more than I'd like, so I ended up not using a lighting layer.

And I was going to put a faint texture layer on top as well like I usually do, but it made the picture look a little too rough-feeling. I was going for a really soft look with this and the texture interfered with it too much, so I left that off too. :hmm:
-2018- Sakura
One of my characters, Sakura.

This was drawn without a plan, so the pose is pretty plain. I just had some time and nothing to do, so I tried drawing something. I intended to just leave this an uncoloured raw drawing like my last few, but I ended up liking it enough to want to make it a more complete picture.

The first time I scanned this, I was still intending to leave it rough and uncoloured; the rock thing she's leaning on wasn't actually drawn in other than the basic outline. There was no detail or form. It was basically just a rocky line to vaguely show she was leaning on something. Once I decided to colour it though, I had to go back and draw something in and scan it again.

I tried doing the rock detail digitally so that I didn't have to scan it again, but I had no idea how to and I was too lazy to try very hard...

The sky was originally coloured blue to orange like a sunset. I played around with the colours though and stumbled onto this. It looked more interesting and fittingly exotic for the character/world, so I went with it instead.

I tried going for softer shading and colours all around to give it a gentler, relaxing look. One of the rarer times where a picture of mine isn't driven by anger, violence, darkness, impending doom, etc. :p

The last few times I've drawn this character, her hair keeps changing. I've been having trouble deciding what to do with it. I had changed it because I didn't want it to be too similar to one of my other character's hairstyle, but then I didn't know what to change it to. Hopefully this one will stick. I guess it does nicely fit the character's personality.

I was going to draw her clothes on, but I was doing it and it was covering up the base body I already drew, which I was pleased with how it turned out. I hate covering up/losing work I already did. :hmm: The clothes weren't even turning out very well, so it was covering work up AND making the drawing look worse. So I left it off.
-2018- Slade
One of my characters, Slade.

Again, me carrying on with trying out a cartoonier drawing style. I think I figured out the right proportions here to make the exaggerated style look more natural than my previous two pictures, but...then it also made me realize that this sort of cartoony really isn't my style. :slow:

I think it looks fine, but it doesn't suit the kind of things I normally like to draw. If I keep pursuing a more stylized look, I'll definitely have to tone it down from this. This just wouldn't work for my usual subjects and ideas.

...He kinda has Final Fantasy VII field model proportions. :laughing:

Tried adding minimal colour again, didn't work, yadda yadda



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