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-2019- Heart 2 Offer
Aqua from Kingdom Hearts. I'm not a big Kingdom Hearts fan, but I've enjoyed the ones I've played well enough and Birth by Sleep was perhaps my favourite.

I kinda did this as a gift for someone, but I also kinda did it for myself since I like the character anyway. So let's just say I'm dedicating it to a friend. :p

I'd been wanting to draw Aqua for a while but I was too lazy to work with the design since I'm bad with drawing clothes and more complex accessories and stuff. It kept deterring me.

With pixel art though, I'm much more comfortable since I don't have to be as exact with the details and so I can relax more. It's also easier to fix mistakes or adjust things, generally. It has its own challenges too, but I usually find them actually fun to work through rather than finding it frustrating like when I run into a challenge with drawing by pencil.

So here we are. I finally "drew" her. I think the shoes could've come out better (I'm still bad with feet and shoes regardless of pencil drawing or pixel art), and perhaps she could stand to be a little taller. The middle-ish area of the blade could also stand to be thinner/go inwards more, but I couldn't really do it at this scale without either making it asymmetrical or TOO thin (1 pixel tall). Other than those, I'm pleased with how it came out overall.

Not sure if I should've made the scale larger. I think my last sprites were a bit too big. Now I'm wondering if this is a bit too small, or just right.
-2019- Weekend
One of my characters, Scithia. This is the "casual clothes" design I originally intended to do here:…

It didn't work out there but I didn't want to leave the idea unused, so I decided to try doing it with pixel art. I find pixel art a little easier to work with for something like this and it went much better than my pencil-drawn attempt.

I may end up going with pixel art for other design ideas, or just drawing more detailed designs in general (like of existing characters that aren't mine). The smaller scale means I don't have to be as precise with the exact details of a design and it's easier to fix mistakes or play with ideas without having to commit to them if I don't like it. It should be less stressful for me; drawing and colouring how I usually do is wearing on me and I need the break.

For anyone unfamiliar with Scithia's regular design:…

My aim with the casual clothes design was to keep similar elements and a similar look but while using regular clothing. The main elements were turning the bone "top" or covering into an off-the-shoulder top and turning the torn skirt into a sweater tied around the waist.

I chose an off-the-shoulder top since the thin upper part around the arms resemble the bone covering across her chest in her regular design (both thin and horizontal going across her). I also added diagonal frills to the bottom of it to resemble the bone covering over her ribs.

I don't think it's really clear in any pictures I've done, but the "cape"-like thing Scithia wears in her regular design is actually a hooded sweater just lifted up so it's only resting over the collarbone and the sleeves are hanging down the back. While this isn't the same sweater tied around her waist, I chose it to resemble both the "cape" and the skirt of the original design.

I only noticed this now; the sweater is so wide because of her hips that it might be a little too big for her to actually wear as a sweater. :paranoid:

Those are jean shorts under the sweater. I did draw them in their entirety, but the sweater covered most of it up. :hmm:

She still has a choker with a broken heart pendant thing, but I just changed it into a more regular-looking choker.
I added earrings that look like scythes...but you probably can't tell since the handle is like 4 pixels tall and the blade is 3 pixels long. :slow:

This sprite ended up larger than I imagined. I hadn't done pixel art in a while now and wasn't sure what size I wanted. I usually draw a little box to work within, but this time I just kept drawing trying to get the proportions that I wanted. By the time I was a fair way into it, it was too late to make it smaller without undoing the constant adjustments I made to get the form how I wanted it.

In the end, I guess it worked fine in that it shows the design better than a smaller sprite would've. The larger size was a lot more work though. Part of the reason I wanted to do pixel art was so that it was less work and less to worry about, but that didn't quite happen here. :(
-2019- Scithia
One of my characters, Scithia.

I didn't really intend to make this. I made a base body for her and then I was going to do a new design over the base (which is the sprite I'm uploading right after this). The new design covered up a fair bit of the base though and I hate when the hard work I did gets wasted, so I did this second sprite with her regular design that leaves more of the base visible. It'll also be nice to use as a comparison/reference for the commentary on the new design.

I still don't quite know how to do her hair from a front view. The short side on her left spikes/feathers mostly backwards, and I'm not sure how to show that from this angle...
-2018- Meet your Maker
Alice Liddell from Alice: Madness Returns, and American McGee's Alice. Madness Returns is still one of my favourite games from that generation and I'm a little surprised I never drew anything for it until now.

I wasn't even especially planning on it. I didn't know what to draw and I was just making random scribbles on a scrap paper trying to figure out something to do. One of the scribbles had a wide top or shoulders, a very skinny abdomen, and a wide lower body. I guess I was thinking of drawing some sort of exaggerated humanoid, but it started reminding me of Alice with the puffy shoulder things and the skirt going outwards.

In that way, it was pretty similar to my old Scribble Monsters (… ) where I would make random scribbles and then try to draw what I see in them.

I am still trying to play with exaggerated features and proportions and I think it helped that the art style of Madness Returns is already exaggerated. So drawing it how I did didn't look out of place to me compared to when I would try to exaggerate my own characters that normally wouldn't look like this.

I drew the final lines rougher than usual. This was mostly as a way to try to be more loose with the lines rather than fuss over everything being neat, clean, and precise. I was hoping it would make the process more relaxed for me, and I guess it did make it a little easier. Fortunately the look also worked well with the subject.

As aggressive and violent as some of my drawings are, I'm not really into putting blood in them. I don't have a problem with it; I just don't generally think it's necessary for my stuff.

Alice's design has blood on it though, so I had to put it on to be more accurate. Since it was already there, I figured I'd put it all over her to have it go more with the whole battle-damaged look. I was going to put dirt marks over her anyway, so this is kind of like dirt marks that are just a different colour.

I spent almost an hour (maybe more...I don't remember) just doing the patterns on the Vorpal Blade with a mouse, only for most of it to be covered up with blood later. :doh:

Blah blah blah too lazy to do a proper background. :paranoid:
This was going to be the setting of the final battle, but in the end I couldn't get things to work out.

I drew this over a month ago and I'm only now getting it done. That's slow even for me. :(
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I wanted to share this custom figure that a friend made. It's of one of my characters, Slade:

For reference, this is what the character looks like (the search captures some pictures that aren't Slade; I guess his name might be in the commentary or something like that):…

It was originally going to be a gift, but I turned it into a trade since I don't like getting things without giving something back (my part of the trade was a picture earlier this year of Rebecca from Resident Evil). I've always loved figures but I've never had a custom one before, so receiving this was super cool! :la:

The base he used was a Daredevil Heroclix. This one, I think:

I knew of Heroclix, but I had never actually seen one in person and I was suprised that it was so small. I think this figure is around 1.5 inches tall. That just made it more impressive to me though, how many of the details he put into it to make it more accurate to the character design. He even went to the trouble of sculpting the bands for the elbowpads, kneepad, and goggles when it would've been so easy to just paint them on.

He used to have a DeviantArt page, but it's deactivated. :(
Some of his stuff can be seen here, but he had a lot more on DeviantArt before.



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