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Oh Gear Lord
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Published: May 17, 2014
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A fun but possibly quite useless object.

Technical Details and Credits

This image has been rendered using the POVRay raytracer. No post-processing has taken place on the image to make the illusion work; this is the 3D scene as it is rendered by the raytracer.

The image is inspired by a drawing of effectrode.

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lemuelnoelProfessional Digital Artist
escherly .
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TGV200Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's like the Mobius strip; it messes with your brain.
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DarkGrievous7945Hobbyist General Artist
looks awesome...
and i found it because i've frequently been using the digtal art > 3D > ... > other option on my own stuff

looks epic....

reasons I like:
I like optical illusions
I like machines and machine parts... can never have enough gears!
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Thanks. Yes, "other" is a great place to be.

By the way, I made a few other optical illusions, which you might like. There's fewer gears in them though... 
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DarkGrievous7945Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome
hmm...yeah...there are actually MANY things that no proper category exists for, it seems

yeah, just a tad busy atm...
meh, that's fine...doesn't HAVE to be gears
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SilverKPProfessional Digital Artist
NO... (my mind is laughing at my mental stability)
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Stability, or the lack thereof?
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VERY clever! Quite confusing and amusing to look at! Well done you! ;-)
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HamtoiletStudent Artist
......What!? WHAT!!!? DO YOU LIKE MESSING WITH PERPLE? XD My eyes dont know what to do!
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If it's any consolation, creating it also messed me up! ;-)
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There's a brain bomb! Lovin' it.
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Brackets002Student Writer
...Well, fuck you too, brain. Ow.
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SezLuxStudent Digital Artist
My Brain! It hurts!
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Better a brain with minor pain than no brain! ;-)
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SezLuxStudent Digital Artist

Just gotta ask, how did you do this? I mean, it is an impossible shape...
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It's all a matter of perspective. Rotating the object or the camera slightly would spoil the illusion. In this case, the basic illusion is quite simple, two halves rotated differently, but such that they appear connected. To make the reflections and texture continuous everywhere, I had to use some additional tricks though.
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Thanks. The first line of your signature seems very appropriate: "The only possible impossibility is the impossibility of an impossibility." Just coincidence?
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EonOrteaShadowmasterStudent Writer
Purely coincidence.  I've had that one for years.
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