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Squiddles Lunchtop Design



So I'm going cosplaying with my friends next year, and I'm going as Jade from Homestuck! I wanted to make a prop, so I decided on her lunchtop! I made this design for the squiddles, and I'm going to buy a lunchbox online. I found a site where they'll put it on the lunchbox for you! Cool, huh? :)

So yeah, I drew this, no tracing or anything, though the design itself is Andrew Hussie's!

[EDIT] Btw, It's okay if anyone wants to download this to use for a cosplay or whatever, but I would really appreciate if you told me if that is your intention. Just like if anyone asks if you made it, please don't claim to be the artist, though you don't have to say that it was me. THANKS!

Jade Harley, concept of lunchtop, and original squiddles design (c) Andrew Hussie
Artwork (c) LE MOI.
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This is absolutely awesome!! thank you so much for making this and letting others use it! i just want a lunch box with this on it so imma use it Cx