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BP | Dem lights by Enharmonia
Cave Art by Diana-Huang
What Do Unicorns Dream Of? by ToastWeasel
[OPEN] Horse adopt auction - Arabian horse by Victory555
AUCTION Horse adopt [OPEN]-RAMSES by Victory555
AUCTION Horse adopt [OPEN]-Hermes by Victory555
horses adopt  [CLOSED] by moun-akra
Im Gonna Be Your Best Friend by AmaranthineRain
Visual History ECLIPQUINES horse pony equine equus by StephanieSmall
Give Up 7 by AmaranthineRain
Give Up 6 by AmaranthineRain
Hobbyhorse 'Rubicon' by Eponi-hobbyhorses
Hobbyhorse With Scars by Eponi-hobbyhorses
Hobbyhorse 'Tintaglia' by Eponi-hobbyhorses
Hobbyhorse 'Trial by Fire' by Eponi-hobbyhorses
the calm before the storm by SickBerattare
insomnia by SickBerattare
Ransom for a character by Rin-ki
give me back the moon, give my stars back by SickBerattare
Dark Equidae
COMISH Orpheus by Ithlini
COMISH The World Ender by Ithlini
Hunting a Brightmare by Roiuky
Everglow by SquatinaCaprium
Earthly Equidae
Black stallion by Raraku27
Well... by Ithlini
Horse Friends by Ithlini
Friesian by YellowDelilah1993
Fantastical Equidae
Commish: TLU tattoo design by Guttergoo
c | together we run by TayaRavena
More Than There Are Stars by AmaranthineRain
Fateful Meeting - Collab by AmaranthineRain
Horse Base by Rin-ki
F2U Freeline Horse by Rin-ki
Goo's ponies lineart pack by Guttergoo
The Dancer by ademaris
Cobalt Horse by Frostwhisker1
sing sing sing by Bombalam
Nanner prize for capofamiglia by pookyhorse
Mascot Contest Submissions
A Desert Flower by AmaiRin


Critique Guidelines

Be courteous to submitters.

Though it is not required we value creative criticism, meaning criticism that points out areas that can be improved instead of just 'ragging' on someone's work. Preferably you want to suggest a method of improvement when you critique.

Submission Guidelines

What types of submissions are accepted?

Both art and literature are accepted. All art must have at least one equine animal in it.

If your piece includes someone else's art you need to have permission to submit the piece. If we find that you had not attained adequate permission from the original artist or stock owner we will eject your piece and report you to the dA site administers for copyright infringement.

For art
- we accept traditional, digital, photo-manipulations, and photographs.

**NOTE: We also accept fan art of equines. There is no fan art specific folder, just sort it into it's proper category. If the equine in both its original setting and your picture is not fantastical (i.e. it doesn't talk or fly) feel free to submit it to "Earthly Equidae."

For literature
- we accept nonfiction, fantasy, steampunk, shorts, and comics.

**NOTE: We should be able to tell it is a heavily horse-centered story by the first or second chapter. The only exception is the prologue to the greater work and it must be specified as a prologue.

What types of equines are allowed?

We allow everything in the family of Equidae, more commonly known as the "horse family." For more specific details on where each equine type goes, go to each gallery folder and there should be more information on the sidelines.

If there is not a folder for it send us a note requesting a folder be created for your type of submission and our administrators will get back to you =)

How many works can we submit?
For now submissions to the group per deviant per folder will be limited to:

Writing = 2/week
Art = 5/week
Stock = unlimited

This may change as more admins are inducted and more submissions come in. If this changes, the update will be put both in a blog and noted in this box.
Hi everyone! Founder AmaranthineRain here!

I realize this group has been around for years and my original plans kinda faded and died. I'll be doing a revamp and revival of the group in the next few months here. The included changes may include:

- schedule for contests
- monthly prompts (bi-monthly? weekly?) meant to challenge your illustration or storytelling skills! You'll be welcome (and encouraged) to collaborate with your friends and fellow artists for these
- potential short storylines you can jump in on? Sort of like an RP event, but super short and they might roll or be completely separate. Either way you wont' have to have participated in the previous one to jump in on the subsequent ones.

What do you think? Are there any changes not listed you'd like to suggest?
Which one are you most excited for?
Interested in being an admin? Let me know! I'm looking for fairly active members.

You'll be hearing from me soon,
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