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Kotegawa Yui

The character Kotegawa Yui from the anime and manga To Love-Ru
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Drool revamp “Looks like someone needs more sun block on her back. Here, I can help with that.”
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Super excellent!!! the pose, the coloring. I love this job :D:D:D
Very nice work, I like it. :D
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Kotegawa you are indecent right now! but you are lovely :meow:
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Totally awesome, Yui's my second fave in the series after Momo. I love this excellent work!:D
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Her actual character NEVER would have let her display such a lack of modesty.
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and whats wrong with that
void insert(struct element **head, struct element *item)
struct element ** p; // p points to a pointer to an element

for (p = head; *p != NULL; p = &(*p)->next)
if (item->value <= (*p)->value)
item->next = *p;
*p = item;

insert(&head, item);
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Yea, normal sentences never were your strong suit, were they?
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Yui sure looks sexy in this vector.
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That's soo great *-*
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Ah this is one of my favorite vectors ever. I'm a fan of your work on /w/.
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I love Yui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
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preciosa ^^ me gusto
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