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Tutorial, How to: Link's shirt

By Eressea-sama
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Thoght of charing my experiences whith sewing my link-cos.

I did a video, too, wachable on


I have photos of the making of my fake-chain mail and my Hylia-Shield.
I also have pictures of the making of my best friend Yesta-sensei 's Zelda cosplay.

So I could make some other tutorials, if someone wants to see them.

But I will make it anyway, even nobody wants to see them ;)

Hope you like it and it's helpfull!
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Can you tell me where you found the three point belts (like where the scabbard would attach)? I can't seem to find it anywhere!
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How did you do the bias binding for around the neck line?
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Thank you, its very useful : )
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I'm glad J could help! ^_^
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I have been looking online and can not find directions for the white undershirt anywhere. What did you do?
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Well basically my shirt is made out of some strecht-fabric. And because I'm kind of unable to work with that stuff right, it became a turtleneck shirt... o.O but I think it does the job ^^
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Oh man thank you so much for the link cosplay tuts! I'm planning to make my husband a Link costume soon=D
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I'm glad I can help ;)
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hey do you think canvas would work for this? thanks 
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I'm pretty sure it will! ;)
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Thanks it's helpful!
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Thank you so much!
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How long did it take you to make it? I'm planning to make it before new years eve... :L
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I'm confused about the sleeves as well, I cut out the four halves of the sleeves, in the shape that it has on the pattern, but I can't work out how to sew them together, and which way they are meant to go.
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oh, I see... Well, I guess it's my fault... :blush: For I made four pieces, becaus my sleves are doublesided, to put some shoulder pads between to have more male looking shoulders. I had that on mind, while making the pattern but I skipped that step when making the tutoriel, so ... sorry for that...
That means: one piece is one sleeve. If you sew it together, you will see that it fits to your shoulder, when you put the sewing up. ;)
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Hi! I love your Link Costume, and the tutorial is great :D I'm trying to sew my own Link costume, but It is difficult.... Im really confused about the sleeves, I can see where the seam is and how it goes straight up on both sides, but it looks like at the top of the sleeve its sewn together, how do you do that?? O.o The collar is amazing too, im not sure i understand how to make that, but I will try my best!
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First of all: Thank! :love:
Well, the sleves are really sewn on the top. - I know, it's some what confusing, but for me it worked! ^_^ just cut the paper pattern of a normal sleve in half and glue the two "out sides" together. Than you'll have the perfect pattern for a Sleve that is sewn on the top! ^^
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Did you make the gloves? And if not can you tell me where I can buy/order some like that? I'm makeing my own pipit cosplay.
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No, I didn't make them myself. (one of the three things I bought for that Cosplay..) In fact I just bougt fake leather glov and cutof the tips. That's all.- Hope this will help you! ^_^
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Thanks. ^^ I found a pattern to make some so yeah^^ My friend and I are going as Link and Pipit to homecoming.
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