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Link Cosplay hat tutorial

This is - finally - the tutorial for my Link hat.
I promissed I would do tha a bit faster, but I have a lot in minde at the time so sorry for that...

Hope it can still help someone to get to his Link Cosplay! ^_^
And of course feel free to ask, if there is anything not really understandable in that tutorial,...
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After discovering this tutorial years ago, it's still my go-to for when I need to make a Link hat.
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i'll start making my own link tunic thank's for the tutorial // arigato motto motto :)
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ahh thanks so much for this tutorial! my friends and I are doing a group cosplay as the Four Swords Links and this tutorial helps out immensly!
I'm making a costume for myself as well and was wondering how long you make the hat.  I get the width is your head but how long do you make it?
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I'm making something similar to this (A Patchwork/puppet version of BEN Drowned), I'll link it to you later if you don't mind. And, it's handsewn.
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Awesome, now I can make this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day :D haha
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awesome!!!!Heart - Free :happybounce: 
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Lots of spelling errors but awesome!
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Im a girl and im still cosplaying as Link :D *cause im that awesome* but quick question, I ned help on the eyeletts part, can you just get those from any craft store?
Eressea-sama's avatar
Well, I think so. I got mine in my local craftstore and they have many types there... so I guss you'll find those in your craftstore too...?
Emocupcake47's avatar
ok thanks! just wondering
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how do you put in eyelets? i have never done that before XD
Eressea-sama's avatar
You can buy them in many places in different sizes. often there are explenations on the pack of eyelets, when you buy them. But you will need a Tool to make round holes in your fabric and you will need something to press the eyelets in. Most of the time, a hammer works fine! ;)
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making this thing myself and pretty much got everything sorted, but how do you get the cap to stay on so far back on the head?
Eressea-sama's avatar
I have to admitt that I use some hairpins to fix it there. ;)
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Thanks for helping me make my cosplay hat and my friends cosplay link hat XD
Eressea-sama's avatar
^_____^ No Problem! ;)
Powerpuffgirls4ever's avatar
It says "go free Zelda"... LINK!
AkumaCzXIII's avatar
Thank you! I'm doing Link for an up coming con and really nervous how to go about doing everything because I want to make the whole cosplay. Thanks! :meow:
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Thanks for this! I've been trying for a while to find a good way to make one!
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I know my brother would love a link hat. ( truthfully I wouldint mind one myself). please ignore my bad spelling. but thanks for putting this up.
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