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How to make a Cosplay Sword 3

How to make a Cosplay Sword 3

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Pheew... thats a tough question ^^ I think I would go for cardboard or crafting foam. Or you could get two thick sheets of the thick kind of foam, thats used to make cosplay armor.carve a part out so that the sword fits in and glue the sheets together. Then you can stat amking the thing roud from the outside....
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That was a amazing sword!!! O_O
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I was curious. What about the scabbard?
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Uhm... cardboard...? ^_^ no, really, it's made out of cardbord.. ;)
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Great tutorial! Very helpful! Did you just use an engraving tool for the markings?
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Thank you! It helps a lot!
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Omg! This tutorial is so great! I have to try it out! Thanks for making this!! :D
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This is really cool! How long did it take for you to make one sword?
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Thanks! Tok me 3 to 4 Days!
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This is like the best sword tutorial EVAR! Thank you so much for this, I can't wait to use it! :)
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I'm so glad I could hlp! ^_^
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Best way to make swords I believe!
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Thanks! Glad you like the method! ^_^
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You, my friend, are freaking amazing <3 Thank you soooo much for this tutorial~ Life saver!!! <3 <3 <3
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I'm so glad I could help ;)
i love this! but would this work if i wanted to make a larger sword kind of like the one in the link below?
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Well, I guess it would. I've seen many people making such swords out of wood and in fact an acrylic board ist a little lighter but it has kind of a wooden behavior ;)
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Thank god. I think you saved me. I have to make a sword.. I've made one before, but it was really crappy. This is going to help a lot!
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This is the coolest thing ever! Now I can save myself a little money and make my own Master Sword. :)
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