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worked a little more on a doodle i initially posted on twitter!

takamine midori is a true angel... he needs to smile more! /mutters prayers salmon heart bullet 
i really enjoyed painting the sunflower field! it's been a while since i painted a proper environment, hehe.

also, uni has begun again, huwahhh!! /trudges through assignments!!Emoji06 
best of luck to everyone whose summer break has ended, let's work hard this year too! salmon heart bullet 

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check out my instagram & twitter for more frequent doodle updates! (●´□`)♡
art © Adorabelle Tan | Ensemble Stars © Happy Elements | 2015
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He looks so beautiful <33
I love the colors you used, and the background looks beautiful! This piece of artwork has such a calming atmosphere! <3
You did an amazing job!
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MIDORII Heart Heart Heart 
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This is cute beyond words! I love it, great work & colouring~ pink heart 
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Woah man this came out wonderful, I loved the version I saw on Twitter and I love this one as well. Gah I love sunflowers...all the lovely sunflowers and the beautiful blue is so serene and relaxing...ahh and he looks so pretty and an ANGEL xDDD *gets slapped* I LOVE THIS TOO MUCH okay

All THE BEST WITH UNI!! GANBAREEE Pixel Clover :star: revamp *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) 
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Beautiful colours and character!
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The coloring is so gorgeous OMG
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Your painting style is super nice! I look at this piece and I feel peaceful, wonderful work!
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His expressions looks so sweet..I love sunflowers!Heart 
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Beautiful work!
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Awe... I love it~ It's so beautiful! <3
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I dun think he needs a huge sunflower to decor.
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I love Sunflowers and your art is beautiful!
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you got some cool art =], come check out is a social network that pays the users for the views they get on their posts if you are interested use /VasyaMixPix to join. the community will love your stuff ^^
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its so BEAUTIFUL <3
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AWWWW He's adorable!
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wwwooow this is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
Emmapink3's avatar
Beautiful, perfect for the time of year.
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Love the sunflowers!
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Idyllic light! :) 
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ahhhh coddy your paintings are always so peaceful to look at!!!
love the unrefined touch of the sunflowers in the bg, that's gorgeoussssssss also really nice to see your individual brush strokes too O:
all the best for uni coddy!!!! have a great year ahead ;D/
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